Little Rock Baptist Church: Study Of The Holy Spirit

Subjects: Reverend James Holley
Description: This text further explains many terms such as: baptism, what it means to be saved, Pentecost and the Holy Ghost. Here, Reverend Holley tries to filter out many misconceptions about then and what it mean to be filed with the Holy Ghost. He stresses that one does not need to see or hear it to know its there. Also mention are principles that are put forth for a church in order to have it overflow with the Holy Spirit of God. This text mentions many scriptures and versus including: Romans, Peter and Genesis.
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Transcript: Introduction
Starts with the concept of “Pentecost”; to imply “fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ”. It then tells the story of the day of Pentecost. Following this concept is the story of Jesus Christ's 120 disciples and states the importance of being filled with the Holy Ghost, in which it continues into the main body of the text.

The Abiding Possession of the Church
Here Reverend Jim Holley further explains the concept of the Holy Ghost. He breaks down verses to better explain what their significance. Also mentioned are: baptism, being saved, and the importance of not so much feeling but knowledge. Reverend Holley attempts to refute many misconceptions about the above terms and analyze what they truly mean.

The Activating principles
The Holy Ghost and the relationship with the church is emphasized. It tells the story of Peter and Genesis and how it related not only to the Holy Ghost but it being related to “where there is the spirit of God there is action”. Also said is that people shouldn't try to be holy before accepting Christ for people need to receive the Holy Ghost in order to become holy. Finally, it goes into the role of the Holy Ghost in the church and how its an activating power.

Gift of the Holy Ghost/ Ingredients You Need to Have a Church on Fire with the Holy Spirit of God
Reverend Holley speaks about how Little Rock should be not just a congregation but a “church on fire”. He states the four or five ingredients that are necessary in order for a church to be aflame: supernatural power, scriptural preaching; in terms of manner, meaning, miracle and significance, saved people, fellowship; participation and encouragement, and spiritual programs; such as Bible study.
Lastly, is the importance of repenting and further explains the terms baptism and what it means to have salvation.