Little Rock Baptist Church: 2007 Annual Report

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: The theme for this annual report is “A Vision for Victory”. This program not only encourages personal maturity and growth with God but also a greater sense of commitment within the church. This is further emphasized by comparing a congregation to a flock of geese and what can be learned from them such as: shared leadership, responsibility and fellowship. In addition to advancing the purpose of commitment and unity this program includes the annual pastor's census, ministry report as well as the importance of sacrificial and the biblical concept of giving.
Date: 2007
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Original Format: Annual Report
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Letter from the Pastor
This opening statement speaks about faith and how it becomes real in a persons life when you see yourself growing in the word of God. Pastor Holley also mentions that in order to live 'victoriously' one must have an identification with Church though a realization in your mind and heart though a spiritual truth. He closes with encouraging members to always put God in His rightful place, first in your lives and heart.

Steps one can take in order to be united with the Church. Commitment is done by protecting the unity of the church; meaning acting in love with one another. This is followed by sharing responsibility; praying for the church's growth, inviting the un-churched to attend and welcoming others to the church, serving the ministry and supporting the testimony; by living a godly life and attending church faithfully.

Lessons from Geese
This comparison is between how flock of geese operates and the congregation. Encouraged here is: shared purpose, common direction done quicker, shared leadership and the importance of standing by ones colleagues in difficult times.

Biblical Attitude of Giving
Gives a brief Biblical attitude of giving and how it pertains to concepts like tithe and free-will giving.

Sacrificial Giving
Page dedicated to sacrificial giving and how it is significant to give out of free will not out of obligation.

2007 Accomplishments/2008 Planning
An outline of workshops and events accomplished in 2007 followed by events and programs planned for the following year dealing with mainly church auxiliaries.

Missionary Ministry Report
List of accomplishments for the church as a whole this includes serve to the community during holiday and for other charitable causes.

Pastor's Census
Recordings of the number of sermons preached, marriages performed, funerals conducted, members baptized and more.