Little Rock Baptist Church: 2001 Annual Report

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: In addition to the annual pages of recommendations, pastors census, and calendar of events this program focuses on the message of prayer. Mentioned are ways for an effective prayer, and points the concentrates on praying for non-Christians. Also included are pages the the outreach and follow-up ministries, biblical attitude and history of giving as well as sacrificial giving as it pertains to the church.
Date: 2001
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Original Format: Annual Report
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Letter from the Pastor
Here, Pastor Holly addresses the relation to God and one another. He states that all believers have had a duty imposed upon them as it pertains to prospective children of God. He states that inclusive love,
unconditional sharing of blessings, equalization of deeds and spiritual kinship with all people are all duty's one must fulfill. Also included is a piece on prayer in terms of prayers being answered, faithfulness and trusting in God.

Ten Principles of Praying for Non-Christians
Ten points for how to pray for non-Christians. This includes praying that: God will lead them to Christ, they believe scriptures, the Holy spirit works in them, turning from sin, and more.

Praying for Christians
Four parts on what to keep in mind for an effective prayer. This includes: a listing attitude; don't just ask but listen, personal prayer; reading word of god helps personalize prayers for fellow Christians to help them through hard times, expectations: for you to change not others and wisdom; gives perspective and balance to get through life.

S.W.A.T. Street Outreach Ministry
What S.W.A.T. stands for is “ Soul Winning Action Team”. This section is addressed to the purpose and mission of this ministry to promote the act spreading the word of Christ not only in the church but around the community.

P.A.C.E. Discipleship Follow-Up Ministry
What P.A.C.E. stands for is “People Available to Contact and Encourage”. This section is addressed to the purpose and mission of this ministry to help uplift, encourage and give comfort to members who need it.

Biblical Attitude & History of Giving
Gives a brief Biblical history and attitude of giving and how it pertains to the difference between free-will giving, required giving and tithe.

Sacrificial Giving
Page dedicated to sacrificial giving and how it is significant to give out of free will not out of obligation.

Pastor's Census
Recordings of the number of sermons preached, marriages performed, funerals conducted, members baptized and more.

Recommendations, 2002
Recommendations for annual day chairpersons, as well as deacons, and trustees for the board of directors.

2002 Calender of Events
Tentative calender of annual monthly church events.