Little Rock Baptist Church: Catch On Fire “A Church, A People Aflame with the Holy Spirit”

Subjects: Reverend James Holley
Description: This program encourages board members and directors to work towards a more unified church in order to be a church “aflame” with the Holy Spirit It encourages the concept of unity by supporting and encouraging one another rather than criticizing. Also included are the yearly recommendations, pastors census, a calender of tentative events for the following year and more.
Date: 2007
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Letters from the Pastor
The first letter is addressed to the board of directors it is geared towards the mission of having unified team carrying out Gods plan for Little Rock. Pastor Holley states these things are: salvation, education and economics through evangelism and discipleship. It stressed the idea of how unity, purpose and continual personal growth will bring not only a better congregation but closer to carrying out Gods plan. The second letter is addressed to the congregation. Here he encourages members to get excited about the things that lay ahead. He also states how a good starting point for a church to catch a flame with the holy spirit is though church attendance. It is finally said to put Gods work back in first place and to remember ones love for God.

Together In Unity
Stresses the importance of unity in the church and gives pointers on how each person can contribute to a sense of togetherness. Pointers included in this section are to: be realistic in your expectations, encourage rather than criticize, don't gossip, and support their pastor and leaders.

Before You Quit Your Church
Five things to consider before leaving a church. It states overall to not leave a church based on personal frustrations and discontent. It rather encourages the concept of unity through diversity and that instead of personal preferences choosing a church should be more based on spiritual beliefs instead.

Biblical Attitude of Giving
Gives a brief Biblical attitude of giving and how it pertains to concepts like tithe and free-will giving.

Sacrificial Giving
Page dedicated to sacrificial giving and how it is significant to give out of free will not out of obligation.

Pastor's Census
Recordings of the number of sermons preached, marriages performed, funerals conducted, members baptized and more.

2006 Accomplishments/2007 Planning
An outline of workshops and events accomplished in 2006 followed by events and programs planned for the following year dealing with mainly church auxiliaries.

2006 Missionary Ministry Report
List of accomplishments for the church as a whole this includes serve to the community during holiday and for other charitable causes.

2007 Calender of Events
A tentative schedule of the list of events that is supposed to take place in the year of 2007.

Recommendations 2007, Annual Day Chairpersons
Recommendations for annual day chairpersons; people who are in charge of organized and planning yearly events such as the churches anniversary program.

Study of the Holy Spirit
Mention of the term Pentecost and the importance of the concept in accordance with the Holy Spirit.