Little Rock Baptist Church: 1992 Yearbook, Budget, and Calender

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: The message of “Business as usual is no longer acceptable” takes up the first half of the program but is important in its message of how it is important to no become so engrossed in what you are doing in everyday life as to ignore or not hear when God is speaking. It gives examples from the stories of Noah and Lot. Lastly, it states that the churches must be the voices in their community as to remind not only its members but their community at large that there are consequence of doing business as usual without recognizing God's word. Next was the concept of financial unity. It states how finances pertains to giving. It shows how free will giving is a matter of sacrifice determine by one's heart and not how much they give. Also included is the pastor's census, biblical history of giving and how it pertains to things like tithe and freewill offerings, and lastly followed by a memorandum from the treasurer concerning the churches finances.
Date: 1992
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Original Format: Annual Report
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Business As Usual Is No Longer Acceptable
This relatively long section speaks about how when it comes to God's judgment going on as “business as unusual” is no longer acceptable. It starts off an example of how Jesus came to call those who were in power into question. In this example He states that no man has the last word over human situations, including sickness and disease. It speaks about how a new kingdom would come and God will warn his children but people would not pay attention to the warning that was given, though this the story of Sodom and Gomorrah was told. It had the message of although people were warned they went on with life and business as usual even when they were warned that destruction was imminent.
Lastly, it closes off with how a person should no become too comfortable that they cease asking for God's direction and that churches must be the voice in their community.

Financial Unity
It states how finances pertains to giving. Starting off with, according to the Bible, money and attitude is a great measurement on the authenticity of ones spirituality. The concept of money for a Christian is: how they feel about, how they earn it, how they spend it, and how they give it. It states that love should be given out of love, it then goes into the different types of giving which are, “tithe”(required giving) and “free-will giving” (sacrificial offerings). It shows how free will giving is a matter of sacrifice determine by one's heart and not how much they give. Also included are several examples from the Bible stating that doing God's will isn't always easy and above all else it is important to surrender one's life totally to doing God's will.

Pastor's Census
Recordings of the number of sermons preached, marriages performed, funerals conducted, active members and members baptized.

Biblical History Of Giving
Gives a brief history of the Biblical history of giving and how it pertains to thing like tithe and how important it is for freewill offerings to God.

Memorandum From The Treasurer
Addressed to the church family from the church treasurer. It starts off with despite of a difficult year God is still good to them. Afterwords, it states that several hundred members failed to give anything to the Kingdom of God, thus closing with a list amount of the church's funds (ex: checking and savings)