Little Rock Baptist Church: 1990 Yearbook, Budget, and Calender

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: This 1990 program brings to light many social issues including the rise of technology and the state on Black Youth. It poses many questions and answers about how to address these issues and how it is up to the church to save the lost, and to give hope to the unborn. Also mentions are the dangers of not only vices but the increasing influence of television commercials and music videos. Lastly, is a section restating the purpose of Little Rock to encourage evangelism and discipleship to spread the gospel followed by a list of recommendations, pastors census, and calender.
Date: 1990
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Original Format: Annual Report
Language: English
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Opening Excerpt
Church goal for the next decade is to keep serving with dependency and consistency

Letter From The Pastor
In this letter Pastor Holley touches on the subject of technology. He states that the power of technology has become widely availability without the development of a code of ethics that keeps it in check. He warns how the sudden spread of information can be seen as viruses to Christian virtues.

From Here To Eternity
From here to eternity starts with the question of “where will we spend eternity?” It states how it is tragic to see “lost souls” just because they do not know or simply refuse to believe in God. It also promotes the concept of evangelism and reaching out to people in order for them to accept Christ into their lives.

From Here to Maturity
After the above paragraph, it then starts with from here to maturity. This speaks on how the battle is more so in the human mind and how we make decisions and choices everyday that affect the relationship with God. It closes of with the message that God wants us to make a difference and to take advantage of the opportunities though evangelism and discipleship.

Let No Man Deceive You-Manage Your Mind
This short section speaks about how the mind is a computer with tremendous capabilities and power. But within that lies the power and decision making and it states that one of the most important decisions a person will make is where they will spend eternity.

Redeem The Time For Black Children Minds
This addressed the state of Black children. It address the social issues Black youth faces and how if can have a devastating effect if the Word has not been allowed to penetrate their thinking. Lastly is a excerpt from a poem entitled “What Do I Tell My Children Who Are Black”, which give the informational and inspirational message that being black is something to be proud of and to always have confidence in yourself no matter what others might think.

Deceptive Data
The deceptiveness of television and the influence it has on young minds. It mentions topics like the teaching of evolution, the popularity of music videos, commercial and superheros and how they might contradict the teachings of Christ and the Bible.

Walk As Wise...The Days Are Evil
A short section about how many are depending on vices and things to supply their needs, happiness, and wholeness instead of God. It also uses the example of humans being a God-given computer being attacked by a invisible virus that takes people away from the right path.

The Drug Addicts Psalm/ The Alcoholics Psalm/ The Gamblers Psalm
About addicts giving in to temptations that leads them down the path of evil, the consequence of isolation from friends, families, and depletion of finances

Redeem The Time In The Area of Finances
It states that most financial problems are spiritual rather than material and that God uses money as outside visible indicator of whats going on in a persons life. It states how finances pertains to giving. Starting off with, according to the Bible, money and attitude is a great measurement on the authenticity of ones spirituality. The concept of money for a Christian is: how they feel about, how they earn it, how they spend it, and how they give it. It states that love should be given out of love, it then goes into the different types of giving which are, “tithe”(required giving) and “free-will giving” (sacrificial offerings). It shows how free will giving is a matter of sacrifice determine by one's heart and not how much they give.

Biblical History Of Giving
Gives a brief history of the Biblical history of giving and how it pertains to thing like tithe and how important it is for freewill offerings to God.

This page is a list of ideas implemented by the pastor to be put into place concerning administrative details, events and the daily operation of the church.

Little Rock Baptist- A Contagious Congregation
A short paragraph how Little Rock's role in spreading Christianity and the word of God to others. It speaks of how they are a congregation obedient to the Lords command and how it it their duty to carry out God's mission thought evangelism and discipleship.

The Pastor's Census
Recordings of the number of sermons preached, marriages performed, funerals conducted, and members baptized. Also included are the number of service rendered in jail and the number of shoes given away to the less fortunate.

Organizational Chart
Chain of leadership within the church and the different responsibilities, classes, clubs and services that fall under each.

Church Calender
An attentive yearly calender of church events and celebrations.