Little Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Yearbook, Budget and Calender

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: This program revolves around the concept of “niche” and how the niches for 1987 will be evangelism and discipleship. After the letter form the pastor, it not only encourages evangelism as God's urban renewal plan, and the duties of discipleship but it also goes into how one should first under stand the message of God before they begin to put the Word out. Also included is a short excerpt on the biblical history of giving, the concept of free-will giving as well as recommendations, and a tentative calender of events for that year.
Date: 1987
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Original Format: Annual Report
Language: English
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Letter From The Pastor
Included “niches” for the year 1987 which are evangelism and discipleship. He encourages the spreading of the gospel that will go across racial barriers, meritocracy, helplessness and hopelessness. Also mentioned is the goal of making converts into disciples, lifelong followers of Christ.

Get The Message Straight Before You Get It Out
These pages sends the message of the consequence of people who tells the Word but haven't quite gotten the message of the gospel straight yet. It states how if a person does not have their facts straight about the word of God they will have to step aside. Next stated, is how as Christian they must not only help themselves but others overcome the vagueness of sin and that to have a vital Christian experience one must have dealt with the bad news in order to tell the good news. Also mentions is the topic of “Black Christiandom” and how it is trapped by the “tunements” and sometimes misses the truth by “getting in” on feelings and missing the facts about the Word. Lastly it goes into the various things it takes for a person to be a disciple and a lover of Christ. It mentions things such as being a learner, not just a listener, and a true disciple is not characterized only by disciple by also by devotion , among other things.

The Niche Is...Evangelism
This page is how sinners never seeks for God so they must be sought. It is only after 'we' have been empowered will 'we' be able to go into the world and share the power of the Holy Spirit. It has the overall message of how it it their duty to help their fellow man in discovering and learning the word of God.

The Niche Is... Discipleship
On this texts it is said that “They will not learn, they must be taught”. It speaks about how many Christians might have a defeated life because they think that they have arrived “spiritually, that they no longer continue to see the long road ahead, their process on learning slows or stops altogether. Being in a a state of content spiritually is shown to be a flaw in ones way of thinking. It is said that we must be taught in a way that we will want to act upon His teaching. Lastly, it states that spiritual growth and learning is a lifetime effort of hard work and one should not be satisfied because there are always new ways to learn and grow.

The Niche Is...Fellowship
Opens with the overall message “They will not come, so they must be brought”. It states how evangelism is Gods urban renewal program. It also speaks about how fellowship is community and groups gatherings of spiritual peers. Christian worship is objective rather than subjective, since it is directed primarily to praising God rather than ones need. It stresses the importance of fellowship in ties with praising God.

The Niche Is...Evangelism and Discipleship
This sections states how God's will is intentional and directional. It speaks of the role of disciples to be the ones willing to embark on God's mission and to battle the various obstacles of circumstances, indifference's, and discouragement. Last mentioned is the importance of fellowship in the church and how one must come together to attend so that they can receive the teaching and preaching from the church and to clarify the Word before it is presented into their hearts and to understand as it personally relates to each person to do His will.

1987 Calender
An attentive yearly calender of church events and celebrations.

Cooperate With Him In Our Finances
It states how finances pertains to giving. Starting off with, according to the Bible, money and attitude is a great measurement on the authenticity of ones spirituality. The concept of money for a Christian is: how they feel about, how they earn it, how they spend it, and how they give it. It states that love should be given out of love, it then goes into the different types of giving which are, “tithe”(required giving) and “free-will giving” (sacrificial offerings). It shows how free will giving is a matter of sacrifice determine by one's heart and not how much they give.

Biblical History Of Giving
Gives a brief history of the Biblical history of giving and how it pertains to thing like tithe and how important it is for freewill offerings to God.

Pastor's Census
Recordings of the number of sermons preached, marriages performed, funerals conducted, and members baptized. Also included are the number of members, and the newly mentioned “S.W.A.T (Soul Winning Action Team) Report”, which states the number of homes visited, people who accepted Christ, people assured of salvation and homes invited to the church.

This last page is a list of ideas implemented by the pastor to be put into place concerning administrative details, events and the daily operation of the church.