Little Rock Baptist Church: 1986 Yearbook, Budget, and Calender

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: This yearbook addresses the goals of how to handle the trials and tribulations in life. It shows how a person must take it instead as a test of God's faith and a way of deepening one's spirituality. It also included pages on giving and the difference between freewill giving and required giving as well as to never let discouragement could one's path from fully glorifying God.
Date: 1986
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Original Format: Annual Report
Language: English
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Letter From The Pastor
A letter from reverend Jim Holley addressing the goals of the new year for the church. He speaks about how although the word of God never changes the insights in which his Word is taught always increases and those who study it is in a continual process of learning. He states that one must “submit” to what you study, and by doing that you sustain by what you have submitted to, thereby being satisfied with the information they share with others.

Calamities of Life
This text is about how the “calamities” in life is only a test of Gods faith. Here, it gives and example of the story of Job, and states that thing in life people go through are meant to deepen one's spiritual life. Also mentioned is there are problems in life that will cause a person to turn to God for help and sometimes suffering is, unfortunately, God's call to repentance. It closes with how one should not make their life overwhelming and to focus on today's problems and not to wallow in self-pity and to always have faith in God.

The Choices Of Life
This page speaks about how most people are more interest in being served than being a server. It also states that serving God does not mean doing a few good things for people but it is a way of living. Although it goes against the worlds way of thinking, a person must remember that being a servant of Christ is an expression of Christlike love and that you should not view others, or these opportunities as a burden or interruption but as a opportunity. Lastly, it said that one must not lose view in that God is more concerned about how people are going to glorify Him rather than what we can accomplish. Lastly it encourages others to do service even when people are distasteful to them, instead of being concerned with their personal feelings one must remember that God cares about everyone's eternal fate, not just a few.

The Champion Of Life
Mentioned in this pages is that there is no spiritual blessing that God has not already given us and that He lives so that we don't have to live in despair in defeat. It encourage one to never being discourage, to always remember that God brings circumstances to bring inner renewal and that discouragement is the work of Satan so always live victoriously through God no matter how discourage you might feel, God has already blessed you with the tools you need to overcome any obstacle you might face.

Cooperate With Him In Our Finances
It states how finances pertains to giving. Starting off with, according to the Bible, money and attitude is a great measurement on the authenticity of ones spirituality. The concept of money for a Christian is: how they feel about, how they earn it, how they spend it, and how they give it. It states that love should be given out of love, it then goes into the different types of giving which are, “tithe”(required giving) and “free-will giving” (sacrificial offerings). It shows how free will giving is a matter of sacrifice determine by one's heart and not how much they give.

Biblical History Of Giving
Gives a brief history of the Biblical history of giving and how it pertains to thing like tithe and how important it is for freewill offerings to God.

Pastor's Census
Recordings of the number of sermons preached, marriages performed, funerals conducted, members baptized and more.