Little Rock Baptist Church: 1984 Annual Report and 1985 Goals-Objectives-Budget Calender

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: This program and budget calender takes on the motto of “winning is the beginning”. This is emphasized through the program with pages dedicated to topics like: being a assertive person and not being afraid to present and start and idea, especially when it comes from God. It also goes into how to let God influence your feelings and motives instead of letting it be tainted by counter productive emotions, such as: anger, pride and resentment. The overall message is to never give up, always follow Gods will and the nothing is impossible.
Date: 1984
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Original Format: Annual Report
Language: English
Rights Management: Little Rock Baptist Church
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Thoughts From Reverend Jim Holley
This letter includes the overall message of taking the initiative to begin something. He speaks about exceeding expectations and always expanding in the work of the Lord. Also mentioned is the thought that no one can do anything alone, and to succeed one must have a support system.

What Kind Of Person Will You be This Year?
When faced with a God Inspired Idea:
Insecure People Hibernate: They run away from good idea because they are afraid they might fail or might cost too much

Lazy people Luxuriate: People who don't pay very much attention to the idea they just want to enjoy the pleasures without putting in the hard work.

Wounded People Commiserate: People who don't have faith in themselves due to past failures and have a long list of excuses.

Foolish People Procrastinate: Self explanatory, but also mentions the difference between the high and low achiever. The high achiever always makes decisions before they are ready to move but also tell the consequences of not wait until you are ready or else you will never make a move.

Wise People Dictate: They are assertive “do it now people” who doesn't like to waste time or a good idea, especially and idea that comes from God.

Ten Commandments for Handling Gods Ideas
A list of things to go by when it comes to handling ideas from God. This includes things liken never voting no to things that seem “impossible”, supporting others ideas, and never quitting.

Don't Quit!
A poem entitled “Don't Quit” is a uplifting piece about how to not give up even when things seem very difficult to do.

Master Feelings and Motives
This page is about how to grasp control of one's feelings and motives. It states how, many times, great decisions in peoples lives are based on feelings rather than rational thought and sometimes these aren't the type of feelings that should dictate decisions, feelings such as: pride, anger, greed, resent, and lust. It talks about how no amount of consequence or lecturing and change that, only God can change that effect, to change ones feelings and motives to one that serves God.

Feed The Mind
Rather than fill their minds with worthless information, one must put that energy into filling their minds with knowledge and the knowledge of the Bible.

Control Though Life
This text is about how to manage your thoughts by taking the attitude of Christ. It encourages one to manage their mind in the Holy Spirit and that regardless of different point of views or cultures they are brought together by God's will. Also, it states that no matter how rude or mean a person might be they are still child of God on a person must try to find the positive in people.

Decide To Decide
Shows how to treat people it includes things such as treating others: kindly, respectfully, and responsibly among other things.

Biblical History Of Giving
This last page gives a brief history of the Biblical history of giving and how it pertains to thing like tithe and how important it is for freewill offerings to God.