Little Rock Baptist Church: 1983 Annual Report

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: The 1983 annual report forces on the message of “digging deeper”. This is said in context with encouraging member to continue enhancing and discovering the word of God. This program also goes into the fields of not only trusting in God but also showing different points that pertains to studying the Bible. The overall message of this program in addition to the recommendations and other administrative details.

Date: 1983
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Original Format: Annual Report
Language: English
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Message From Pastor
Like its predecessors, this report opens with a message from Pastor Jim Holley. He starts out by thanking God for another year and proceeds to state that “digging deeper for the treasure of his word” should be the goal for this year and onward. He uses the analogy of digging, referring the desire to continue learning and discover new joy in God and his word. Closing he mentions using old experiences and new observations to add new ones not only in the church but also in scripture.

Heart, Method, Effort, Prayer
This sections talks about the benefits of having a true heart for God. It says that it must take a deeper desire in their knowledge about God and spiritual life to put this into being. The words emphasized here are: method (to read scriptures daily), concentrate (knowing what you are looking for), pray (spending time with God),effort (the energy it takes to be disciplined and dedicated) and time (making tie for things that are most important). This text pushes for members to follow a full commitment to God and his word no matte how high the cost.

The Last Word Is God's Word
Mentions sleep and subconsciousness. It mentions how God does not want subconscious minds to be corrupted by thoughts, anxiety and worries but to be peaceful and clear to be able to think about scriptures. Must make use of their subconscious as another way to build on their relationships with God.

Discover God's Will In Decision Making
This section addresses how one should accept God's will and plan as good and perfect. After shows ten bullets stating the certain principles required for finding his will. These bullets includes: God's lordship, the continued prompting of the holy spirit, timing and faith. It also talks about the difference between hearing what God wants you to hear or merely listening to find confirmation in ones on agenda.

Enthusiasm In Problem Solving
eight point on how to be and act enthusiastic. To realize that, despite all of life's problems, God is still a just and good God. Its says don't panic and dwell on past regrets, in order to use this method of problem solving. In addition to the mentioned above it states that enthusiasm has the power to lift the spirit, so with the combination of faith and enthusiasm ones problems will give way. One has to trust that God possesses the power to work miracles in problem solving.

An Enthusiastic Life
A page that has twelve different point on self-improvement through Christ and the Bible. It talks about how a person should stay positive and not to engage in self destructive thoughts such as self pity. This section closes with stating the Bible as the book of life and how it plays a part in renewing the mind with not only enthusiasm but excitement too.

The Vowels Of Spiritual Studies
This section is about digging deeper to understand the Bible. It mentions to ask questions such as the: What? When? Where? And how? Also it encourages to do things such as using other passages for cross referencing, and summarize the verse in your own words. Its shows that you should read the Bible, apply critical thinking and use the up most diligence when studying it.

Pastor Holley's Census
A cluster of numbers including the progression of new members introduced to the church each year after 1972. Also included are the number of sermons preached, marriages performed, funerals conducted, and members baptized.

These last two pages are a continuation of recommendations for various officer positions within the church. It starts with a short list of policies implemented by the pastor to be put into place concerning administrative details and events.

Our Church Needs Money
Closing page encourages voluntarism among members to keep their respective parts of the building clean (such as choir practice). Other suggestions include: each remember bringing building materials, and working the the church office in order to save money.