Little Rock Baptist Church: 1982 Yearbook, Budget and Calender

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: This program is oriented around not only the Bible and the teachings of Christ but also how to read and study the Bible to further one's Christian education. Also mentioned are the topics of “God's love” and loneliness. It states how thought loving and accepting God and Jesus Christ one can dismiss this feeling of loneliness and to also know that regardless of what one has done the God will and does love each of his children unconditionally and though this you also love yourself regardless of how people might treat you. Aside from the above also included is the pastors census and a healthy list of recommendations concerning everything from auxiliaries, scholarships, and administrative matters.
Date: 1982
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Original Format: Annual Report
Language: English
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Letter From The Pastor
Here he address how the church has long been trapped in tradition. Here he also stresses that there has not been enough emphasis on education and building and states that the only cure is evangelism. He also mentions the main point of the “Magna Charta of the Church” which is to do and teach. Also said is that evangelism and education is and always should be atop priority. Also addressed is the “human dilemma”, the fact that the heart often has hungers that the real world cannot satisfy. He states that is because some people don't know or wasn't show how to make Christ a part of their lives He closes by saying that with the belief in Christ he offers assurance and and choice of being saved or eternally lost. The purpose of this letter to to say that in order to follow the path to Christ one must not only educate, but to submit to the word and to sustain and share it by passing it on.

How To Read And Study The Bible
Thirteen steps of how to study the Bible. Some of the important tips includes: doing it daily, having the right attitude and purpose, and have confidence that the Bible is true.

Mindful Method And Practices
A continuation of the above text on how to read and study the Bible. This section includes tips like how to do outlines, main sections, and overview. Basically what to keep in mind for someone who might be new to reading the Bible.

Here the topic of loneliness is addressed through the concept of, rather than turning to other vices to rid it one should turn to God. It states when one accepts Christ in their lives their loneliness will be avoided not only because of that but also because of the sense of community, support and acceptance that the church brings in addition.

God's Love
This is a excerpt that talks about how God will love them unconditionally regardless of what they might have done or how people might treat them. It says that when you see your real self and compare that to all is righteous, holiness and love you truly believe that God loves you and that you are made in his image. The last paragraph states that the greatest of all gift he provides is love, because of his love for us, we not only made to feel our weakness but also that we aren't expected to be perfect because through the course of all of life's trials we will still have God's love.

A Matter Of Choice
This opens with a quote of “This world is place where no one gets out alive”. It talks about how Christ is the means where by man comes after they die. But to do that one must first make a choice to accept Christ in their current life in order to be with him in the next. Also included are scriptures from the book of Revelations and the book of Ecclesiastes. Finally, it states how the Bible teaches that the concept of death becomes a reality when one disobeys God and through this disobedience we now live in a imperfect world. So, to repair what man has done one must make the choice and accept that Christ as their savior.

Pastor Holley's Census
A cluster of numbers including the progression of new members introduced to the church each year after 1972. Also included are the number of sermons preached, marriages performed, funerals conducted, and members baptized.

This section is a list of recommendations made for the year of 1982. Mentioned in this report are things such as: changes of meeting dates and events, the development of a human resource center, what happens following the death of a pastor, the establishments of the youth board and the Christian education department. Also, included is a list of auxiliary positions that operates within the church, including a chairperson who handles scholarships handed out by the church on behalf on donors.

This poem is included once again the yearbook program. The basis of this poem states that no matter how many people might put you down or bad the word might seem to love, live your life, and be the best person you can be anyway.

This is a short memo from Pastor Holley calling for a emergency meeting concerning the welfare of little Rock. Here he stresses the importance of the nature, purpose and program of the church.

Recommendations (Continue)
These last two pages are a continuation of recommendations for various officer positions within the church. It starts with a short list of policies implemented by the pastor to be put into place concerning administrative details and events.