Little Rock Baptist Church: 1981 Yearbook, Budget, and Calender

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: The theme of this yearbook is “Let Service Light the Way”. In this program he puts a particular emphasis on service and how one should always strive to do service not only in their church, but also in their home and community. He refers to his members as “torchbearers" then referring to how it should be their duty to not only spread the teachings but also to intertwine it with fellowship and to be mindful of what they say when in small conversation, especially with non-Christians, to remember what they represent and to try and show the best of themselves . Followed by that it goes into how a person can do service on the job, in the community and at home. He addresses the different way an individual can contribute to the term service, not only physically but also spiritually. Closing this program is a poem written by Pastor Holley entitled “Anyway”, which encourages to always try to do your best, and love others, even if that feeling isn't reciprocated back.
Date: 1981
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Original Format: Annual Report
Language: English
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Letter From the Pastor
This annual program opens with a letter from Reverend Jim Holley. Here he addresses how the followers of Christ can be compared with torchbearers, lighting their way to a better life through the teachings of Christ. Aside from that, he opens with a passage from Victor Hugo, referring to “The Rock”, he speaks of his in the context of the spiritual, mental, and physical demands needed of god's people.

The Fellowship of Christian Believers
This section is self explanatory. It mentions the importance of fellowship and what that can bring.

Our Personal Benefits In Christ
Four steps on the personal benefits one receives when they follow in the path of Christ. This includes topics like: encouragement, fellowship and comfort.

Incite us to do for Others what Christ has Done for Us
Be like minded in “thoughts and actions, one in spirit and purpose, unselfish and humble”. In summary be Christ minded in all aspects of ones life, and in thoughts words and actions.

The Home
In this section Pastor Holley writes about the concept of a Christian home and how it should be according to the teachings of the Bible. He mentions the Bible stating that it should be the human guide for a happy and healthy home in all aspects. Lastly, it is said that for a happy home to be implemented devotions as a family and as a individual must be made.

The Community
This paragraph is about the gift of help and how it pertains to the community. Also mentioned is how each Christian has the duty to respond to the plight of their communities, to help their fellow human not only spiritually but also physically, such as food and shelter. Save thy people, feed them and lift them up. Opportunities for service.

On the Job
This section is about how you can serve God while you work. He also mentions how most Christians has their work divided into the two sectors of: religious and secular. Its about how every sector is suppose to be tied with their belief even though it does not take place in a religious setting. The overall lesson of this part of the program is to always try and make a great effort in living their lives according to the teachings of Christ every day of the week rather than just Sunday.

Recommendations for the Year 1981
Recommendations for officer positions and also includes additional items or revisions that are to be added to the various auxiliaries, including which organizations gets funds from offerings on each Sunday.

Year at a Glance
A tentative schedule of the list of events that is supposed to take place in the year of 1981.

The President's to Auxiliaries of the Little Rock Baptist Church
Here is a list of 23 members who are in charge of the various committees. They include officers, chairs, ushers and more.

This yearbook ends with a poem entitled “Anyway”. It is about being understanding, tolerant and always doing your best even when it seems like the world wants to see you fail, you should try your best anyway.