Little Rock Baptist Church: Constitution and By-Laws (Program Rules, Regulations, and Recommendations)

Subjects: Church Services
Description: This is the Little Rock constitution under the leadership of Pastor W.L. La Beaux, an earlier version not being separated by articles, but by topics including: when to call your pastor, how to join, and what makes a good member. In the handbook it is shown that the church played a role in every aspects of a members life. Although this is still true today, this handbook presents a more old fashioned perspective on things.
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Transcript: Understanding Church Memberships
This states how being a member is more of a privilege and how as a member they have an obligation to the church.

A Definition For The Church
It shows the definition of a Baptist church and what sets them apart from other Christian denominations.

How You Many Join Our Church
Requirements for membership, and member expectations.

Our Church Convent
Voluntary agreements stating that as members of a Baptist church they will live their live in such a way as to glorify God.

Scriptural Reference of Convent
Several scripture quotes pertaining to: salvation and baptism, duties to the church, personal Christian living, and duties of fellow members.

Spiritual Side of Our Church
mentions several work groups, with each member expected to be a worker in contributing to the church.

Attend Church
This section has a short poem of why it is important to attend church.

Social Side of Our Church
It basically sate that one who is a follower of Christ must not join any club or organization that contradicts the teachings of the Bible. It also mentions the time and day for the weekly church service.

The Business Side of Our Church
It sates that everything must be done decently and in a timely order and that members should always be informed about this aspect of the church.

A Departmental Church
This is starts off by showing the different departments of the church, followed by the roles and duties of the pastor, deacons, trustees and other officer positions. It goes into more administrative detail about budget, business meetings, financial committee, paid employees, and elections of officers.

Three Types of Members In Little Rock
This shows the three members believed to be occupied by the church. First there are active members, inactive members, and last delinquent membership.

Disciplining Our Members
This outlines the consequences for going against the teachings of God, and the church in other private and public.

Our Denominational Cooperation
Simply states the various associations and organizations affiliated with the church at that time.

From The Habit
A small, short section about how one should read the Bible, prayer, and participating in church.

When To Call Your Pastor
Here there are eight reasons listed, including but not limited to: advice on serious problems, someone you know dies, and weddings.

Special Favor Fund
A fund in place that is overseen by the board of trustees whose purpose was to help members, if they were in financial need.

Stating the rules and regulations in which the above can be changed or revised.

Recommendations to be added to the handbook.