Little Rock Baptist Church: Constitution and By-Laws 1968

Subjects: Corporate Records
Description: The Constitution and By-Laws of Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church in the year 1968. It opens with the first article stating it's object as adhering to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the New Testament. It is then followed by nine other articles pertaining to membership, pastor ordination and the role of church officers. This is a change from the most recent constitution by-law (2008) because it puts the pastor in more of a authoritarian position, a large contrast even four years later when Reverend Jim Holley was elected as pastor in 1972 and the constitution was revised. This is also shows that only male shall be ordained as pastors, which is certainly not the case today.
Date: 1968
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Language: English
Rights Management: Little Rock Baptist Church
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Article I: Object—to adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the New Testament.

Article II: Involves the receptions of members, followed by five sections for the criterion for membership.

Article III: States the conditions under which a member can be dismissed from the church.

Article IV: Duties of members, this mentions the acquisition of spiritual knowledge and continuous spiritual progress, as well as showing support to the pastor.

Article V: The role of church officers, duties of the pastor and the guidelines for the election of a new pastor.

Article VI: Election and duties of officers, which includes: who they are elected and by whom, the roles of the deacons, trustees, treasurer and other positions dealing with both the spiritual and administrative functioning of the church.

Article VII: This article states the services of worship, the dates of Lord's Supper, church meetings, annual meetings, and special meetings of business (how they are called and under what circumstances).

Article VIII: Furnishing a Ministry, although only includes two sections, it provides information on how a preacher is ordained.

Article IX: This short section states how the church regards itself as a integral part of all organizations formed by it's members in the context of fellowship, and Christian education. It also states that for any organization within the church to meet, it must be oversaw by either a deacon or the pastor himself.

Article X: Amendments and signing of the church constitution.