Constitution and By-Laws of the Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church 2008

Subjects: Corporate Records
Description: This is a recent article that states the constitution and by-laws of the Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church. It includes eighteen articles addressing everything from name and location, denominational affiliations, general membership, duties of the board or directors, duties of officers, functioning auxiliaries, removal of a pastor, how long is a fiscal year, regulation business and more. This text gives a glimpse into what is needed for a church such as Little Rock to function successfully year after year. Although, this has many sections about various boards, several administrative details, and other topics dealing with the legality of things they will encounter, it shows just how much work it's members put into the church daily.
Date: 2008
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Language: English
Rights Management: Little Rock Baptist Church
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Article I: States the name and location of the church

Article II: Incorporation, says that it will be in accordance with the law of the state of Michigan

Article III: Aim, to sustain the worship and ordinances of the Christian religion in accordance with the teachings of the New Testament.

Article IV: Denominational Affiliations, they will fellowship with all other churches advocating belief in God and Jesus Christ. It also states what associations and conventions they will represent unto.

Article V: Membership, stating the various methods that are accepted in becoming a member this includes: any person that is baptized, a letter from their previous church or religious organization, and Christian experience. This section also includes the grounds for exclusion, duties of members and discipline.

Article VI: Officers and duties, this outlines the duties of the pastor, secretary, treasurer, and board of directors. It also dedicates a section of what constitutes a pastor to be qualified.

Article VII: Duties of the board of directors and its membership, this included the deacons and trustees. It outlines their duties, responsibilities and how meetings how be conducted.

Article VIII: Election of a pastor, states the procedure and guidelines on how to elect a pastor. This includes qualifications, recommendations, and financial considerations.

Article IX: Removal of a pastor, shows the process involved with removing a pastor from a congregation. This also includes a chain of command, showing if, in whatever circumstances, a pastor was removed who would lead the church until a new one was called.

Article X: Functioning, organizations and auxiliaries, states that the church may have as many organizations as it deems necessary, it also says that each organization is held accountable to the church as well as each individual organization providing a monthly financial report to the church.

Article XI: Meetings of the congregation, mentions that one meeting should be held annually to discuss things such as: budgets, the church calender, and special committees.

Article XII: Workers council, outlining the formation of the workers council, offices positions and meeting times.

Article XIII: States the fiscal year of the church

Article XIV: Of church discipline, it states the consequences by the church for any member that fails to live up to the requirements expected from a Christian.

Article XV: Rights of members, mentions the rights of members of the church saying that they are to participate fully in all meetings , adhere to the rules and regulations of any organization in which the member is a participant, and to vote at congregational meetings.

Article XVI: Regulation of business, includes when the church budget is to be presented, disbursement of funds, and who is designated to sign checks on behalf of the church.

Article XVII: Amendments, states the process of how the constitution can be changed or revised.

Article XVIII: Rules of order, states that no rules shall conflict with the teachings of the Bible.