Little Rock Baptist Church: State Of The Church 1980

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: This program is filled with many inspiring words leading into the new year. The state of the church report of 1980 puts more emphasis on the importance of hard work, humility and not quitting when things get difficult. Also mentioned is the importance of membership participation, the duties and responsibilities of newly appointed officers, and the importance of persistence. It closes with the return of the term “Tithe” and it's methodology, the annual pastor's census (which added the topic: “non-worship speeches”) church recommendations and new auxiliary additions.
Date: 1980
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Original Format: Annual Report
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Thoughts From Pastor Jim Holley--Pastor Holley starts this annual greeting in the annual report by writing a quote that states: “Faith is to believe what we do not see and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe”. In this part of the text he praises the members and church leaders for a successful first year at their new location on St. Jean and Kercheval. He encourages everyone to run forward to accomplish the present and future goals of Little Rock Baptist Church. Pastor Holley closes the letter with several words of motivation, while encouraging teamwork, cooperation and to remember that with the strength God has given them they can accomplish everything they strive to do as a church.

It's Work To Go Forward, But It's Worth It--This section Pastor Holley uses the example of a ladder and writes that although a ladder might be there for them, those who wish to climb have to construct their own. This topic is connected with using what you have to achieve your goals, work ethic, expectations, the desire to improve one's self, resolution, and finally joy and enthusiasm. All of these words he ties with the goal to encourage and show that although what the church and personal have been attaining over the years, you cannot lose sight in what is important, which is why he states that they need to first and foremost move forward for the Lord.

Press On Towards The Mark--A short message from the pastor, opening with the line “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits”. In this brief paragraph he acknowledges that life does have it's ups and downs, trials, and errors. In the end he stresses that no matter how hard things may be, persistence is key to overcoming whatever obstacle they might face and to never give up.

To Our New Officers--These pages addresses the duties and responsibilities of the officers from the president, vice president, church clerk, treasurer, missionaries, mission study leaders, program chairman, director of Christian education, prayer chairman, musicians, youth leaders and counselors, and Sunday school teachers.

The Prize: It's Worth The Effort--A short page on the importance of gratitude, patience, humility, and persistence. It is written that a person should be grateful for their opportunities, while putting one's God-given talent to good use. This also stresses the significance of how each of the above mentioned words are used within the church organization and how putting these actions to use makes a more happy, productive and smoothly running organization dealing with day to day activities and planning. He closes off with a quote from the book of Proverbs which states “ The spider taketh hold with her hands and is in Kings' Palaces”.

There's Victory Ahead: Tithe, Budget and Proposal Methodology--This section, containing two pages explaining the term tithe, once again. However, before explaining in the who, what and why of tithe, it starts out with a more in depth description It is stated the tithe is a tenth of one's annual income, that God has blessed them to receive therefore it is a debt owed to God. It also states the difference between tithe and systematic giving, and if people should give if they are in debt. It also writes God instituted giving “to raise people and not money”, so therefore you should not look at tithe as just giving money without purpose, it is to you give yourself to God first and foremost. It then closes with the short summaries of what is tithe? Why tithe? and Who should tithe?

Reverend Dr. Jim Holley's Census--It states the total number of people added thus far during Pastor Holley's administration from 1972 to 1979 with over two thousand members on roll at the time. This also includes but not limited to: sermons preached, funerals conducted (members and non-members), babies dedicated, marriages performed, speeches given at non-worship affairs and members baptized.

Chairpersons to Auxiliaries/ Annual Affairs--A detailed page long list of church clubs, committees, workshops and events ranging from the annual church anniversary to usher board meetings. This also includes the tentative dates of each event and the chairperson of that event, or committee.

The Recommendations For The Church Calender For 1980--Mentioned are events for guests of the church, such as speakers and choir performances.

Let's Go Forward Together--This section signifies the importance of church participation by every member and how absence can effect the church. He states that without the up most participation from members it can effect not only the service of the church but also individuals, in negative ways such as: questioning the reality of Christianity, and encouraging the habit of non-church going.

Recommendation To The Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church--The final page of the 1980 report includes changes to the operations of various departments in the church, such as: charity donations, church calenders, and addition of auxiliaries.