Little Rock Baptist Church: 1979 Program and Annual Report

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: This 1979 program and annual report is particularly filled with many other topics besides church expenses and finance. One item that sticks out in is report is the theme and message section of this program written by Reverend Jim Holley. He writes about paving one's own path toward success and putting God first, while taking parts of the Bible (he mentions Moses, Apostle Paul, and Abraham). Afterward, there is the pastor's message to the newly appointed officers, and the return of the term tithe, once again explain what it is, and why it is encouraged. Also included is a tentative schedule of not only the annual events but weekly events too, this is particularly interesting because it gives a glimpse into what Little Rock Baptist church was doing thirty years ago. This annual report closes out with a short official directory of the chairpersons and officers, including Reverend Holley, and many short , stimulating memos and messages that states how to be a successful leader to human relations showing how they could be better leaders via knowledge, experience and good communication.
Date: 1979
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Original Format: Annual Report
Language: English
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: From the Pastor's Heart--Pastor Holley addressing the church following a successful past year, and looking forward to another. He states that he is confident that they can reach their fellow brothers and sisters through things like: prayer, dedication, persistence, planning and most importantly humility and love. The letter closes with “ Building Through Reaching” is their challenge.

Six Annual State of the Church Welfare Message--This section is targeted towards mainly the deacons but overall to everyone who did their part in supporting the church. These pages include various quotes and scriptures pertaining the praise of God and Jesus Christ and also how they overcame, and will continue to overcome the trials and errors that come before them when they continue to keep their trust in God.

Message to the Officers--This text opens with a thank you from the pastor for their continuation of appreciation and support. He reflects on his past seven years as pastor and how they all accomplished so much for the church in all aspects, financially, socially and most importantly spiritually. This included a list of accomplishes from the past year of 1978 including but not limited to: contribution, distribution, and a successful well rounded ministry (which at the time had: television weekly program, 24 hour prayer service, crisis prayer line, basketball league, a bookstore, and more).

Theme and Message--In this section of the program Pastor Holley goes into the discussion of the theme of his message for that day. He starts off with a line, that was influenced by the story by Apostle Paul, that says “It is the set of the sail and not the winds that determines the destiny of the ship.” He says how he was impressed with that particular subject because, not only as a church but as people in general, it says that they control their destiny and that as a church, he believes, that they are heading in the right direction. He also forewarns the consequences of setting your “sails” in the wrong direction. He also uses this topic to encourage the members to succeed in achieving their hopes and dreams while contributing to the good of society as God's representatives.

He also encourages everyone to set their sails in the right direction, he mentions the route of Abraham, Moses and Paul. He states what they went through then they had their sails in the wrong direction and what they did to make it right and to put the spirit of the Lord into their lives. He closes with his personal experience of things he went through over the years of being the pastor of Little Rock, he gives off an aura of great humility in his role
as pastor and calls upon the Lord to let him be strong and have faith to lead him to a higher ground.

To Our New Officers--These pages addresses the duties and responsibilities of the officers from the president, vice president, church clerk, treasurer, missionaries, mission study leaders, program chairman, director of Christian education, prayer chairman, musicians, youth leaders and counselors, and Sunday school teachers.

Budget and Proposal Methodology--This is a page also included in the previous years report that states the term “Tithe” as the church budget and proposal methodology, that includes the why, when and who of that term.

Why Tithe?--It is stated as a way of acknowledging God as the owner of all he created, appreciation of God's goodness, test of one's consecration, and satisfaction of being in God's will.

What is a Tithe?--It is stated as giving 1/10 or more of your annual income in support of God and the church.

Who Should Tithe?--This says that, those who should give are those who are willing to trust in God's plan of giving and to have faith that if you give, blessings will be put upon those who puts God first and trust in him.

Pastor's Census--This states the total number of people added thus far during Pastor Holley's administration from 1972 to 1978 including: total current on roll, total added since the start of his administration(which continuously increased every year), sermons preached, funerals conducted, marriages performed, and members baptized.

Year at a Glance: Church Events and Activities --A tentative list of events and activities that are planned to go on in that year this includes: baptisms, church officers annual day, church picnic, Christmas program, and pastor's anniversary.

The Yearly Program-Chairpersons--This section of the program are list of people recommended from the pastor for the office of leadership for the various auxiliary within the church.

Recommendations--This includes changes to the operations of various departments in the church, such as: increase in Christian workshops, purchasing of church vehicles, increases in salaries, remodeling, and a list of members recommended by the pastor for the deacon and trustees board.

Official Directory--A directory of the officers and chairs of various committees within the church, also included Reverend Jim Holley. It served as a way of getting in touch with the people who were in leadership positions, since it included the address and phone numbers of each.

Church Weekly Activities--A schedule of the days and times of happenings that were taking place the following week. It shows what kind of events and activities were held at Little Rock 30 years ago. This includes: ministers league and evangelistic club, prayer & mission, Sunday school institution, choir rehearsals, television taping, and youth fellowships. It also shows that most activities, understandably, took place either in the late afternoon or in the evening.

The Art of Successful Leadership/ Do You Belong?--This section of the annual program is about execute successful leadership within the church. It includes bits of valuable saying pertaining to leading such as: “You can't teach what you don't know, and you cannot lead where you don't go”. He also states that good followers makes good leaders and that as a leader not only should the followers of their group motivate the leader but the main job as a leader is that they must make it a priority to motivate the followers. Lastly, this page includes a poem entitled “Do You Belong”, it is a brief ten liner stressing the importance of being an active member.

A Short Course In Human Relations--This last page of the program is a short description of the importance of being a leader and being able to motivate while effectively communicating others. This shows the five through one “most important words” such as: “ I admit I made a mistake”, “ You did a good job”, and “We”.