Little Rock Baptist Church: 1978 Yearbook, Budget, and Calender

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: This program is apart of the annual operations, that makes Little Rock Baptist Church runs smoothly and in the goal of putting God first. Being under the leadership of Pastor Jim Holley, this budget and calendar includes several strong, uplifting words from him to not only the members but all of the chairpersons and officers. Next, this shows the “Pastor's Census”, which included the total number of people added during his administration thus far (more than doubled), and his Stewardship, showing a list of things like: number of sermons preached, marriages performed, funerals conducted, and members baptized. Lastly this report lays out the recommendations by the pastor for leadership position in the church, followed by the annual activity calender, and finally the budget and proposal methodology of the church, which then goes on to explain the term “Tithe” and how it pertains to Little Rock.
Date: 1978
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Original Format: Annual Report
Language: English
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: From the Pastor's Pen--This is a letter from reverend Jim Holley first thanking the members for the support and cooperation in the past years and their confidence in the future of the church. He states that although the coming year will bring many challenges, he is confident that if they all work together in the name of God they will overcome it, and 1978 will be a positive and “victorious” year for Little Rock Baptist Church. It closes off with a scripture and strong words that will lead to a successful new year.

Pastor's Census--This states the total number of people added thus far during Pastor Holley's administration from June of 1972 to December of 1977. It shows a steady increase of people added, starting off from 70 and then proceed to continuously grow up to 221 people. Afterward it shows Pastor Holley's Stewardship from '72-'77 including: sermons preached, marriages performed, funerals conducted, and members baptized.

Recommendations from the Pastor for 1978--The recommendations from 1978 includes but not limited to: more time allotted for heads of auxiliaries, committees, and officers of organizations to meet privately with the pastor, the development of a daycare center, catering service, housing development committee, additions of musicians, and perhaps one of the most important one...the relocation of Little Rock Baptist Church from their previous location to St. Jean and Kercheval.

To Our New Officers--These pages addresses the duties and responsibilities of the officers from the president, vice president, church clerk, treasurer, missionaries, mission study leaders, program chairman, director of Christian education, prayer chairman, musicians, youth leaders and counselors, and Sunday school teachers.

The Yearly Programs-Chairpersons & Official Directory and Activities--This section of the program are list of people recommended from the pastor for the office of leadership for the various auxiliary within the church. This page also includes is a list of the church annual days, followed by the dates and the people that will be in charge of each event.

Budget and Proposal Methodology--This program closes with a page that states the term “Tithe” as the church budget and proposal methodology, that includes the why, when and who of that term.

Why Tithe?--It is stated as a way of acknowledging God as the owner of all he created, appreciation of God's goodness,test of one's consecration, and satisfaction of being in God's will.

What is a Tithe?--It is stated as giving 1/10 or more of your annual income in support of God and the church.

Who Should Tithe?--This says that, those who should give are those who are willing to trust in God's plan of giving and to have faith that if you give, blessings will be put upon those who puts God first and trust in him.