Little Rock Baptist Church: “The Mirror” Quarterly Report, Little Rock Baptist Church

Subjects: Church Finances
Description: This is a quarterly financial report from the year 1975. Although it opens with a letter from the pastor before Reverend Jim Holley, W.L. La Beaux it states the church slogan and how important it is for all members to show their support and dedication to Little Rock baptist Church. This program then goes into a letter from Reverend Jim Holley, directed to the president of the church financial committee, followed by recommendations for the year 1976. These recommendations includes things such as: Church anniversary, Pastor's anniversary, Youth & Adult Day, Vacation Bible School, and Family Day. Lastly it includes reflections stating the accomplishments of the church with in the past three years, including but not limited to: expansion and remodeling, money disbursed, contributed, and raised that year.
Date: 1961
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Language: English
Rights Management: Little Rock Baptist Church
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: Letter From the Pastor--Opens with a greetings to the members of the church and the churches then slogan of “Seek ye first Kingdom of God and it's Righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” It then continues to the state of the church financially, stating how much money was raised and how grateful the pastor is, concerning the dedication and support of the members in donating and helping the church succeed financially.

From the Desk of Jim Holley--Written in 1975 this was a letter written to the president of one of the churches committee concerning the financial reports of the church.

Recommendations for 1976--Recommendations for the Annual Days and Chairpersons. Includes: Church anniversary, Pastor's anniversary, Youth & Adult Day, Vacation Bible School, Hawaii Trip, Family Day, Men & Women's Day, Harvest and Homecoming Observance.

Reflections--This includes the past three years in terms of things such as: membership, remodeling and personnel. It also has things concerning the acquiring of the property next door, which would serve as a parking lot, and administrative building.

Chairmen, Officers, and Members--This included a thank you from the pastor, concerning the hard work put into the financing of not only the everyday operations of the church but also the expansion and remodeling plan. It lastly, list the accomplishments of 1975 such as: amount disbursed, amount contributed, paying off the mortgage, new members, and money raised overall.