Little Rock Baptist Church: Official Budget Program for Officers 1961

Subjects: Annual Report
Description: This program gives a look into the everyday administrative details that went into running the Little Rock Baptist Church in 1961. This program includes, a organizational flow chart of the church, the legality they have to go through and the things they have to recognize, concerning the baptist church and civil courts. It also includes a letter for their pastor then, W.L. La Beaux, addressing the members of the church concerning the goals and obstructions they will have to face, not only within the church but also as a society. Then it goes into the recommendations and themes for the church, which were ideas giver to help Little Rock to prosper socially and financially. It includes the women and youth clubs, and how to revive the participation of inactive members as well as recruiting new members. Next on the program agenda was church financing. This includes the committee of arrangement and advisory, who then gave a run down on how much it takes to run the church per year. This was followed by a tentative schedule of all of the churches events for that year, a list of department chairs (such as: music, social welfare and education) and the list of officers.
Date: 1961
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Original Format: Annual Report
Language: English
Rights Management: Little Rock Baptist Church
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Contributor: Sherell Wiggins
Transcript: First page shows the organization and purpose of the church, and organization flow chart for the church via 1961.

The Baptist Church and the Civil Courts--First a Christian fellowship and then a religious corporation. As a baptist church it rises above all civil court laws. the church has the ability to exclude membership, given the majority of votes.If you join you cannot seek any settlement, in other words you cannot sue the church. Pastors waive any right to sue the church pertaining to things like salaries and benefits.

Letter From the Pastors Office--This letter from the pastor, at the time W.L. La Beaux, is addressed to the members of the church posing a united front if you will on the trials and tribulations of that year,. Considering it was 1961 it mentions the election of a new president (JFK) and “going into outer space”(pertaining to the formation of NASA). This letter gives you a look into what was their main concern during this tremendous and evolving time in our country and how this church deals with not only that but the financial strains, and overall future of the church.

Recommendations for Themes of the Church for 1961--Reviving inactive members and recruiting new members, Church registration and building funds, Church clubs (Womens and Youth), Scholarships, church anniversary, pastors anniversary, etc.

Church Financing--Everyone should take part in offering

Committee on Arrangement and Advisory--Gives a run down on the church budget and how much funds ti would take for the church to properly run per year.

Program for 1961--Gives a tentative schedule of all the church events planned for that year.

Officers to read auxiliaries--List of various positions such as: Sunday school, ushers, choir, and more.

Department Chairs--Civic welfare, mission, music, evangelism, finance, Christian education and social welfare.

Closes with a list of appointed officers from the year of 1961.