Hartford Memorial Baptist Change of Agent 1969b

Subjects: Corporate Records
Description: Hartford Memorial Baptist Church's (then Hartford Avenue Baptist Church) appointment of Charles G. Adams as resident agent.
Date: November 14, 1969
Format: Text/pdf
Original Format: Corporate Document
Language: English
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Transcript: C-2011A (Rev. 7-69) (Formerly Form 11A) State of Michigan, Michigan Department of Treasury, Corporation Division Lansing, Michigan

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Michigan Department of Treasury
Corporation Division
P.O. Drawer C
Lansing, Michigan 48904
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Date Received: NOV 17 1969
FILED: Michigan Department of Treasury NOV 20 1969. (Signature of Allison Green), State Treasurer

Certified Resolution of Change of Resident Agent
I, Dorothy Johnson, Secretary or Assistant Secretary, of Hartford Avenue Baptist Church of Detroit, Michigan, a Michigan corporation, whose registered office is located at 6300 (No.) Hartford Avenue (Street) Detroit (City) Wayne (County) Michigan 48210 (Zip Code), do hereby certify that the following is a true and correct copy of the resolution adopted by the board of directors of said corporation by written consent or at a meeting called and held on the 16th day of October, 1969: “Resolved that The Rev. Charles G. Adams (Name of Agent) is appointed the resident agent of this corporation in change of its registered office, and that all prior appointments of other resident agents for such purpose are hereby revoked.”
Signed on November 14, 1969
(Signature of Dorothy Johnson), Signature of Secretary or Assistant Secretary
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