Hartford Memorial Baptist Appointment of Agent

Subjects: Corporate Records
Description: Hartford Memorial Baptist Church's (then Hartford Avenue Baptist Church) record of Reverend Charles A. Hill as resident agent.
Date: August 26, 1963
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Original Format: Corporate Document
Language: English
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Transcript: Form 11 (‘63): State of Michigan, Corporation and Securities Commission, Lansing, Michigan

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Date Received: OCT – 4 1963
(Illegible Signature), Compared by; NOV 5 – 1963
FILED NOV 5 1963, (Signature of Commissioner), Commissioner, Michigan Corporation & Securities Commission

Appointment of Resident Agent
Hartford Avenue Baptist Church of Detroit, Michgan A Michigan Corporation, whose registered office is located at 6300 Hartford Detroit 10 Wayne, Michigan, certifies pursuant to the providence of Section 79 of Act 327, Public Acts of 1931, as amended, that at a meeting of the Directors held on the 26th day of August, 1963, Rev. Charles A. Hill was appointed the resident agent for this corporation in charge of its registered office.
Hartford Avenue Baptist Church of Detroit, Michigan
Signed on September 27, 1963
BY (Signature of Gilbert A. Bussey), Secretary or Assistant Secretary

Mail Three Signed Copies To: Michigan Corporation and Securities Commission; P.O. Box 898, Lansing, Michigan 48904
Filing Fee $2.00
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