9th Anniversary of Pastor J. Holley

Creator: Little Rock Baptist Church
Subjects: Reverend James Holley
Description: Program for Rev. Jim Holley, pastor of Little Rock Baptist Church.
Date: June 28, 1981
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Original Format: Special Event Program
Language: English
Contributor: Carlton Rolle
9th Anniversary of Pastor J. Holley9th Anniversary of Pastor J. Holley9th Anniversary of Pastor J. Holley9th Anniversary of Pastor J. Holley9th Anniversary of Pastor J. Holley
9th Anniversary of Pastor J. Holley9th Anniversary of Pastor J. Holley9th Anniversary of Pastor J. Holley
Transcript: “Community Leader”

The Reverend Doctor Jim Holley has effectively demonstrated his ability to function as a community leader.

As a preacher, teacher, and great lover of life in general, Reverend Holley has given our community all the things it needs to sustain it in the ebb and flow of life.

Reverend Holley loves life, and is totally committed to the enrichment of life for his fellow man. To demonstrate his love for humanity, Reverend Holley launched a massive drive to provide shoes for the less fortunate young people in the city. Against overwhelming odds and obstacles, Reverend Holley managed and did provide over 25,000 pairs of shoes for the needy with a firm conviction - warm feet, warm mind.

Reverend Holley understands what a sound mind is to the enrichment of life. His cultural enrichment Program is further evidence of his undying love for humanity; his "Truce" with the infamous East Side Gangs, trips to Washington and Los Angeles for the youth to broaden their horizons and perspectives, all indicate a uniqueness that is given to a man of god.

As a man of God, Reverend Holley understands that "No man is an Island we are interrelated and interdependent creatures, we must share each other's joys, sorrows, defeats and successes and in the end we have empathy for our brothers at the earthly end of his life. For, each man's death diminishes us and signals the ever constant coming of our own demise.

But, if we have held a brother's hand in sorrow, or shared the inner joy of one of his triumphs, or give him hope when all seemed hopeless, or stood in the shadows in order that he might catch the sun, if we but gave a word of encouragement, or by our presence let it be known that we cared, then and only awn, can we be satisfied that our own life has been full and complete.

“The Pastor”

And they knelt and prayed earnestly for the flock had began to stray. Fervently and reverently, a chant went up to "God," and once again "God" heard, the cries of his people. And in His infinite wisdom God looked towards the Central City of Detroit at one of his young anointed servants, touched his soul, and put it upon his heart to leave the comforts of an established flock, and become a shepherd of a new set of sheep. Rey. Holley came willingly, for he realized that a true called out preacher of God, must go wherever the Spirit tells him.

He came preaching the word of God urgently, at all times, whenever he was given the chance, in season and out of season, when it was convenient, and when it was not. Correcting, rebuking when it was needed, encouraging his flock to do right, and at all times it was done patiently, with "God's" word.

He came teaching, teaching the old, old story, but with a new, in depth meaning; a meaning that his flock could identify with, a meaning that began to solidify and unite, and suddenly the power of God began to flow through his servant, as he preached and taught with a fiery conviction, so intense, that it changed the course and direction of this particular flock.

9 years have come and gone, and the love affair between the flock and the shepherd continues to grow. A spirit of togetherness prevails, the sick are being attended to, the downtrodden have been given hope, discouragement and disappointment are on the wane and above all, the "word" is being preached and taught convincingly.


When Reverend Holley assumed pastorship of the Little Rock Baptist Church, there were less than 100 active members. Today, Little Rock claims nearly 2,000 members with an average of 200 new members per year.

Little Rock has come a long way. Under the guidance of Reverend Holley, Little Rock has expanded in what they had and paid off a $24,000.00 mortgage in two and a half years, and a $76,000.00 remodeling loan.

Name: Charles James Holley
Address: 19761 Marlowe, Detroit, Michigan Date of Birth: December 5, 1943
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Daughter: Tiffanni

The Spirit touched Reverend Holley and we moved to the present location (a 'A million dollar structure). Since here, $62,000.00 in remodeling, $302,000.00 budget, 46-passenger bus and two vans, 48 children in Haiti, $51,000.00 to the Rev. C. L. Franklin Medical Fund, 25,000 pairs of shoes to needy children. He is the founder of the Gospel Academy Awards, and now the church is the proud owner of a $150,000.00 parsonage with complete furniture.

Reverend is the proud father of Tiffanni and is much respected by all. He has five earned degrees: Bachelor of Pre-Law, Tennessee State University, and a Master of Inter-national Relations from the same institution. He has a Bachelor's and Master's degree from the University of Chicago in New and Old Testament, respectively, and a Doctorate in Higher Education from Wayne State.

His experiences are: Super market manager, 1958-59; business manager for ham-burger franchise, 1961-62; assistant chaplain at Tennessee State University, 1962-65; community worker with street gangs, Chicago, 1966; intern chaplain at Elgin State Hospital, 1967; Church Community Action Program, Portland, Oregon, 1968; S.C.L.C. Operation Breadbasket, Chicago, Detroit; psychologist's aide, Tennessee State University, Wayne County Community College, Detroit faculty; franchise owner of Mahalia Jackson Chicken, Inc.; Shaw College at Detroit faculty; director, Christian Education and Youth, Greater New Mt. Moriah; vice president of Progressive Baptist State Convention. Dr. Holley also has served as an administrator at the U. of D.

His travels include: Saudi, Arabia; Kuwait, Nigeria, Spain, the Caribbean, the Holy Land, Greece, Germany, West Africa, Hawaii, Japan, New Mexico, and extensively in the continental U.S.A.

He presently serves as chairman of Human Relations Board of Highland Park; board member of Payne-Pulliam Trade School; vice-president of the Council of Baptist Pastors; and a Life Member (4 times) of the NAACP.

Other social and religious organizations: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Tennessee State Alumni; Association of Christian Education Directors; Black Economic Council; CERV; vice chairman of Hannibal Fund Investment Corp.; National Baptist Convention; and American Baptist Convention.

Presently, he is the pastor of Little Rock Baptist Church, WCHB Religious Broad-caster, and columnist for the Michigan Chronicle.

He is also presently writing a book to be published by F. D. Dutton Co. entitled "How To Handle Midnights."

Life's mottos: "A Need to Learn—Build—Love" and "To Serve This Present Age."