Greater New Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Articles of Association

Subjects: Corporate Records
Description: The Articles of Association of the Greater New Mount Moriah Baptist Church.
Date: March 20, 1950
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Transcript: (Ecclesiastical Corporations) Articles of Association of the Greater New Mount Moriah Baptist Church

“We, the undersigned, desiring to become incorporated under the provisions of Act No. 327, P.A. 1921, as amended do hereby make execute and adopt the following articles of association, to-wit:

First, The name assumed by this corporation and by which it shall be known in law, is “Great New Mount Moriah Baptist Church.”

Second, The location of said church shall be in the City of Detroit, county of Wayne, and state of Michigan. Mailing address 566 Owen; Detroit, Michigan.

Third, The time for which said corporation shall be created shall be Perpetual.

Fourth, The members of said church or society shall worship and labor together according to the discipline, rules, and usage of the Baptist church in the United States of America as from time to time authorized and declared by the Officials.

Fifth, (Here insert any desired additional provisions authorized by the Act). “The purpose of the corporation is for religious benevolent, charitable, social, education and mutual aid between its members and prospective members.”

In Witness Whereof, we, the parties hereby associating for the purpose of giving legal effect to these articles, hereunto sign our names and places of residence.
Done at the City of Detroit county of Wayne and state of Michigan, this 14th day of March 1950.
(Signature of J. S. Murray) 15441 Inverness; Detroit, Michigan
(Signature of Philip White) 29- Woodland; Detroit, Michigan
(Signature of Howard Martin) -56 King; Detroit, Michigan
(Signature of L.C. Gaddis) 9562 Dol--r; Detroit, Michigan
(Signature of A.M. Thomas) 570 Westminster; Detroit, Michigan

On this 14th day of March, A. D., 1950, before me, a notary public in and for said county, personally appeared: J. S. Murray, Philip White, Howard Martin, L. C. Gaddis, and A. M. Thomas known to me to be the persons named in, who executed the foregoing instrument, and severally acknowledged that they executed the same freely and for the intents and purposes therein mentioned.
(Signature of Annie C. Ball), Signature of Notary; Notary Public for Wayne County, State of Michigan. My commission expires January 9, 1953.
(handwritten: gs, jam) Compared by

*One or more of the parties signing should appear before the Notary.

Form 3-4-26-44-6M
Original (Ecclesiastical Corporation); Michigan; Articles of Association of Greater New Mount Moriah Baptist Church
Under Act 327, Public Acts, 1931, as amended
FILED MAR 21 1950; (Signature of Philip Ast--) Michigan Corporation and Securities Commission

Mail in triplicate, all originals, to:
Michigan Corporation & Securities Commission; P.O. Box 808; Lansing 4, Michigan
Fees $15.00
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