National Register of Historic Places Inventory - New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

Creator: United States Department of the Interior National Park Service
Subjects: Historic Designation, Corporate Records
Description: Description of interior and exterior religious sculptures of New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church. Also historically known as Trinity United Methodist Church. Located at 13100 Woodward Avenue at Buena Vista in Highland Park, Michigan.
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National Register of Historic Places Inventory - New Mt. Moriah Baptist ChurchNational Register of Historic Places Inventory - New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
Transcript: The church, measuring 125 feet long and 110 feet wide, is located on the Northeast corner of Woodward Avenue at Buena Vista. It is a gray limestone, Neo-Gothic style church built in 1922-23. The side facing Woodward Avenue is the principal facade. It is composed of a gabled, two-story entrance pavilion containing a recessed main entrance surmounted by a traceried, arched window, flanked by a tall flat-roofed, crenelated tower with louvered belfry on the south and a one-story extension with a plain, bay window on the north. The structure is extremely austere in design depending upon the contrast between the smooth limestone cladding and the sparingly used stylized Gothic carving.

The only other architecturally articulated elevation faces Buena Vista Avenue. This side is dominated by the shallow, gabled transept with its large, arched, traceried window. A square, projecting, entrance vestibule makes the transition from the church to the attached chapel. This is a rockfaced granite, Gothic building with an octagonal apse with large, Gothic-arched, multi-paned windows.

Specific dates: 1922-23
Architect: George D. Mason (1856-1948) of Detroit, Michigan

Trinity United Methodist began as a mission church of the Cass United Methodist Church of Detroit to serve the Highland Park membership who found it difficult to travel the eight miles to the Detroit mother church. Dedicated on October 5, 1923, the structure was the home of Methodism's largest Highland Park congregation until 1978. New Mt. Moriah Baptist has occupied the former Methodist church since March, 1979. The 1922-23 Trinity Church is a well preserved, locally significant example of the Neo-Gothic movement in church architecture.