National Register of Historic Places Inventory - North Woodward Congregational Church

Subjects: Historic Designation, Corporate Records
Description: Description of the religious interior and exterior structures inside of the North Woodward Congregational Church. Also known as St. John's Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Located at 8715 Woodward Avenue at Blaine in Detroit, Michigan.
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Contributor: Carlton Rolle
National Register of Historic Places Inventory - North Woodward Congregational ChurchNational Register of Historic Places Inventory - North Woodward Congregational Church
Transcript: The structure, measuring 145 feet in length and 100 feet in width, is located on the northwest corner of Woodward Avenue and Blaine Street. It is a red brick and limestone-trimmed, cross-gable roofed, Tudor Gothic-style church built in 1910-11. The cruciform-shaped structure is notable on Woodward Avenue in that it does not have a tower or lantern. The projecting front gable wall containing a large Gothic- arched stained glass window dominates the Woodward Avenue facade. Extending from the front wall back to the projecting transept on the south side of the main block is a buttressed brick and limestone vestibule containing the main entrance to the church.

The interior of the church is basilican in plan with a high central nave and lower side aisles. Large stained glass clerestory windows light the space which is finished in plaster with Gothic moldings. An interesting feature is the pitched, paneled ceiling which is upholstered in gold colored silk between the wood beams for acoustical reasons. The raised sanctuary apse contains carved wood paneling and a reredos in the Tudor style. The organ is located on the south side of the sanctuary in the front of the church. The sanctuary walls are fescoed with simulated cloth hangings and medieval decorative motifs. The marble baptismal font is placed in a painted niche on the right of the sanctuary.

On the north side of the church, set well back behind a broad lawn, is the attached Collegiate Gothic-style, brick parish house. The parish house is finished in plaster with shallow, bas-relief plaster moldings in Tudor motifs. There are Pewabic mosaic tile floors and a stone fireplace of medieval design in the lounge.