National Register of Historic Places Inventory List

Creator: United States Department of the Interior Heritage Conservational and Recreation Service
Subjects: Historic Designation, Corporate Records
Description: This nomination includes nineteen architecturally and historically significant religious structures located along-Woodward Avenue from Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit to one quarter mile south of McNichols (Six Mile) Road--a distance of slightly more than six miles--in the cities of Detroit and Highland Park. One of Detroit's leading thoroughfares, running from the heart of the downtown near the Detroit River directly inland (north-northwest) toward Pontiac, Flint, and Saginaw, and the main artery for the city's most prestigious late nineteenth and early twentieth-century residential neighborhoods, Woodward Avenue is notable for its religious structures. Many of them are significant as artistic achievements, major landmarks of American religious architecture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century’s, important works of notable architects, and as the homes of some of the oldest and most historic of Detroit's congregations. This nomination is designed to recognize the outstanding cultural significance of this body of religious architecture for Detroit, Michigan, and the Midwest.
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Contributor: Carlton Rolle
National Register of Historic Places Inventory ListNational Register of Historic Places Inventory ListNational Register of Historic Places Inventory ListNational Register of Historic Places Inventory List
Transcript: Significance of the structure's original congregation in the religious history of Detroit and Michigan.
Based upon these considerations, the following nineteen structures or complexes have been selected for nomination. They are listed in the order in which they appear to the traveler on Woodward Avenue, beginning in downtown. Detroit and ending in Highland Park.

1. Central United Methodist Church, Woodward at Adams Avenue, Detroit
2. St. John's Episcopal Church, 2326 Woodward (at East Fisher Freeway), Detroit
3. Woodward Avenue Baptist Church (now United House of Jeremiah), 2464 Woodward (at Winder), Detroit
4. First Unitarian Church (now Church of Christ of Detroit), 2870 Woodward (at Edmund Place), Detroit
5. Temple Beth-El (now Bonstelle Theatre, Wayne State University), 3424 Woodward, Detroit
6. Cathedral Church of St. Paul Complex, 4800 Woodward (at Hancock), Detroit
7. St. Joseph's Episcopal Church (now Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church), 5930 Woodward (at the Edsel Ford Freeway), Detroit
8. Metropolitan United Methodist Church, 8000 Woodward (at Chandler), Detroit
9. Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church, 8501 Woodward (at Philadelphia), Detroit
10. First Baptist Church (now Peoples Community Church), 8601 Woodward (at Pingree), Detroit
11. North Woodward Congregational Church (now St. John's Christian Methodist Episcopal Church), 8715 Woodward (at Blaine), Detroit
12. Temple Beth-El (now Lighthouse Cathedral), 8801 Woodward (at Gladstone), Detroit
13. St. Joseph's Episcopal Church (now St. Matthew-St. Joseph Episcopal Church), 8850 Woodward. (at Holbrook), Detroit
14. Central Woodward Christian Church (now Little Rock Baptist Church), 9000 Woodward, Detroit
15. Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament (Roman Catholic), 9844-54 Woodward (between Arden Park and Belmont), Detroit
16. Highland Park Presbyterian Church (now United Presbyterian), Woodward at Cortland,
Highland Park
17. Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (now Prayer Temple of Love Cathedral), Woodward at Highland, Highland Park
18. Trinity United Methodist Church (now New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church), 13100 Woodward (at Buena Vista), Highland Park
19. First United Methodist Church of Highland Park, 16300 Woodward (at Church Street), Highland Park

In addition, three other Woodward Avenue churches have previously been listed in the National Register: the Mariners Church, now located at Jefferson and Randolph streets in downtown Detroit; the First Presbyterian Church, 2930 Woodward, Detroit; and the First Congregational Church, Woodward at Forest, Detroit.