Pane In Honor of Washington

Pane In Honor of Washington
Pane In Honor of Washington
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Creator: Henry G. Hoch
Subjects: Historic Designation
Description: An article discussing a window being added to Central Woodward Church.
Date: November 21, 1931
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Contributor: Carlton Rolle
Transcript: Window To Be Placed in Central Woodward Church by Dr. Jones.

A Washington memorial window, depicting the first President as the head of a new republic rather than as a military commander, is to be placed beside the Lincoln window in the Central Woodward Christian Church next spring.
The window will be dedicated Sunday, Feb. 21, 1932, the day before the two hundredth anniversary of Washington's Birth, the Rev. Edgar DeWitt Jones, D.D, minister of the church and sponsor of the two windows, said today.
As far as Dr. Jones can learn, through his wide contacts with patriotic organizations and as a member off the Detroit committee for the Washington Bi-Centennial observance, it will be the only memorial to Washington which is to be dedicated at that time.
The two unusual windows, one depicting Lincoln as the liberator of the slave, and the other showing Washington as the head of a revolutionary experiment in government, reflect the historical hobby-of Dr. Jones
Throughout his ministry his principal side-interest has been the study of American history, and he is widely recognized as a student of Lincoln, Wilson, Washington and Jefferson and the Revolutionary period. His library contains many prized works on these subjects.
As in the case of the Lincoln window, Dr. Jones is financing the project through the contributions of Washington enthusiasts in various parts of the country. He also is adding to that fund the fees received from lectures on Washington before patriotic societies.
The window is to be designed and manufactured in Detroit by A. Kay Herbert, Detroit artist, who also did the Lincoln window. The two windows will be next to each other in the north transept windows.