Dedication of Washington Memorial Window

Dedication of Washington Memorial Window
Dedication of Washington Memorial Window
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Creator: Central Woodward Christian Church
Subjects: Historic Designation
Description: A program for the Washington Memorial Window.
Date: February 28, 1932
Format: Text/jpg
Original Format: Special Event Program
Language: English
Rights Management: Central Woodward Christian Church Detroit,Michigan
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Contributor: Carlton Rolle
Transcript: First section:
Sunday, Feb44ruary 28, 1932
2:45 o'clock

Middle section:
"As my whole life has been dedicated to my country in one shape or another, the poor remains of it, it is not an object to contend for ease and quiet, when all that is valuable at stake, further than to be satisfied that the sacrifice I should make these, is acceptable and desired by my country."
George Washington to John Adams,
July 4, 1799.

Last section:
The Reverend Edgar Dewitt Jones, D.D. Presiding
Prelude....Miss Marian Van Liew
Processional-"Onward Christian Soldiers"
Invocation....Dr. Jones
Reading Scriptures
The Reverend Joseph A. Vance, D.D.
Minister, First Presbyterian Church
Selection by choir-"Liberty Song"...Boyce
First song printed in Ameirca;
Sung by Washington's soldiers.
Prayer of Dedication
The very Reverend Kirk B. O'Ferrall, D.D.
Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral
Address-"George Washington"
Honorable Newton D. Baker
Hymn-"America, the Beautiful"
The Reverend Chester B. Emerson, D.D.
Minister, North Woodward Congregational Church
Recessional-"The Church's One Foundation"
Postlude....Miss Marian Van Liew

"The Washington Memorial, as well as the Lincoln Window, is the work of Mr. A. Key Herbert of Detroit."