Little Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage Awards

Description: Program for the Golden Heritage Award Luncheon with bios of the awardees included.
Date: October 1, 1988
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Little Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage Awards
Little Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage Awards
Little Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage Awards
Little Rock Baptist Church: 1988 Golden Heritage Awards
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From Our Pastor
" an example
of the believers in word, in conduct, in spirit,
in faith, in purity.’
1 Timothy 4:12
Once again you have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that enthusiasm and a common purpose are the keys to success. Today, your 6th Annual Golden Heritage Awards Luncheon stands as a firm example of the power that is ours through faith in God. Not only through words, but more importantly through actions, can the true measure of your commitment to the strength of teamwork be clearly observed.
As always, on this occasion you have fed our quest for continued enlightenment by assembling some of the most outstanding women in our community. What is especially endearing, is the uncanny way that all your efforts seem to crystallize into one clear purpose, giving recognition to others. By unselfishly shining the spotlight on these great 1988 awardees, a high tribute has ironically been paid to yourselves as well. We can only be our best as Christians when we have clean hearts, pure intentions and a lot of giving to others.
So, it is with tremendous pride and admiration that I applaud your accomplishments and pledge my support for what is fast becoming a Little Rock tradition being emulated throughout the metropolitan area.

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An Inspirational Message of Love & Appreciation from the General Chairlady Mary Thrasher

Greetings and a Warm Welcome To Each of You!
Each year, we pause to re—commit ourselves to the beautiful, spiritual legacy which the Women of Little Rock before us, our illustrious Pathfinders, left to us. We take great pride in remembering the contributions and accomplishments which they made. It is in their memory that we dedicate this, our 6th Annual Golden Heritage Awards Luncheon!
Women have played a critical role in the life of the Church since it’s inception beginning with the women who came running from the empty tomb on that first Easter Day, proclaiming the good news. Women across the centuries have consistently fought for the Church. It has been the Women of the Church who have gone out to build strong families; to fight for safe communities; to erect and support schools and colleges; and to strive for a meaningful power for the people in the political process. As Women of today, we must continue to preserve these commitments; these ideals and objectives; and these spiritual goals.
Once again, we honor and bestow well—deserved recognition to the distinguished Women of our community. Our awardees each have in common, dedication of learning, sharing, giving, and caring. They have committed their energies and knowledge to encourage our youth and young adults to excel in the educational arena; to promote health and health programs; to encourage economic development; provide for the aged; support community-based organizations; and to improve the spiritual quality of life. They share also, a belief in themselves and their work. To this end, we extend OUR SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS!
To our Chairperson, Lynda Jeffries and all the women of the Committee, a Special THANK YOU. Without your continued cooperation, caring, assistance, dedication and hard work, this day would never have materialized. You are indeed a CATALYST FOR EXCELLENCE.

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Doris Cook is a charter member and Basileus of Kappa Rho Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Her educational credits include Masters of Education, Wayne State University; Bachelor of Science—English, Alabama State College. Post Graduate Work in Music, Dillard University, New Orleans. University.
Mrs. Cook has accrued over thirty five years of teaching experience with over 21 years of service for the Detroit Public School system.
Her strengths are related to her love for and ability to get along well with people. She is strong iii her faith and conviction in God. Her most important interest is in religious music as attributed by her service to Russell Street Baptist Church where she serves as Directress of the Senior and Children’s choirs. Educating and saving souls are her personal goals. Mrs. Cook believes in giving service to the best of her ability of the highest magnitude for the Church, community and mankind as a whole. She feels a real sense of personal satisfaction from working with young people and providing them with leadership during their formative years.


Amy Devone is founder and director of Kids In Need of Direction (KIND), a grass roots support group that helps kids from low income families learn to recognize and communicate their problems. The meetings are a jumping off point for kids in trouble, a shelter from the street for a few short hours. Some of the kids later move on to a professional organization that specifically addresses their needs. Although Devone has no degree that qualifies her to counsel, she feels her experience does. She learned so much from watching what her boys went through.
KIND has assisted 3.000 individuals, including 700 families. Devone recognized the need for a place where children could speak for themselves. Devone is talented in handling crisis situations and teaches patience, and the ability to mediate and deal with anger without using violence She lets these kids know they are wanted, needed and loved Her philosophy is fist you have to know the problem and then realize that there is hope.

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Bertha R. Kindle has been a dedicated, industrious, and conscientious member of Little Rock Baptist Church for nearly 45 years. She joined Little Rock Baptist Church in 1945 on Russell Street under the Founder and Pastor, Rev. Robert E. Tate. Immediately after joining the Church, she joined the Senior Choir and sang with it until 1987. She continues to work with the choir, The Good Samaritan Club received her membership in 1955, and she served as Vice President from 1980 to 1987. She became a Trustee in 1975 and served as Secretary for seven years.
Bertha Kindle’s most notable contribution was from 1967 to 1975 when she was appointed by Deacon Andrew Robinson to serve as Secretary of the Church, As Secretary, she kept the financial records, minutes, produced the weekly bulletin and housed the meager office supplies. She performed most of her clerical duties from her home. A week of work consisted of 20 to 25 hours for only mileage expenses. It took hours to type needed materials due to limited typing skills, using the two fingers system. While serving as Secretary, she was a member of every important committee and very much involved in the selection of Rev. Holley as the Pastor of Little Rock, whom she treated as a son as he grew in the ministry.


Victoria Miller, Band Director, at Spain Middle School, discovered at an early age that she had a talent for music, particularly the flute. However, her shyness prevented her from participating in any musical events in or outside of school. Earvin Monroe of the Detroit Symphony convinced Mrs. Miller that she was just as talented as most of the flute players in the Symphony Orchestra.
Her philosophy of education includes a strong emphasis on self confidence, motivation and living skills. Students can achieve confidence through setting high goals in music and obtaining them. Achieving a-masters degree in Behavioral Psychology taught Mrs. Miller a variety of ways to reward positive behavior and constructively deal with negative behavior. She strives to make her students want to build their own
self esteem so that they take pride, not only in their accomplishments in her classroom, but also in good decision—making, proud of their accomplishments, willing to take responsibility and able to cope with frustration. Her students are most likely to be creative because they are willing to meet challenges and to take risks in new situations.

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Hon. Frances Pitts is the presiding Judge of the Juvenile Division for Wayne County. Her illustrious career includes a tenure as Probate Judge. Wayne County Probate Court, Juvenile Division; Referee, Wayne County Probate Court. Juvenile Division and Consultant, Detroit Institute of Addiction Research and Training, City of Detroit Health Department.
Additionally, she served as an Industrial Mental Health Consultant, Downriver Guidance Clinic Consultant, Social Work Supervisor, Director of Group Living, Case work Supervisor. Clinical Social Worker and Parole Officer and Group Therapist for Connecticut State Farm and Prison for Women, Niantic, Connecticut.
Judge Pitts is a member of many professional organizations and is an active member of St. John’s Presbyterian Church.


Martha G. Scott won election as the first black female Mayor of the City of Highland Park in November of 1987. Prior to this political victory, she was perhaps best known as the former President of the City Council of Highland Park. She also served three years as a Wayne County Commissioner where she made substantial contributions directly related to the welfare of the Highland Park Citizens.
Mayor Scott is a lifetime member of the Highland Park Caucus Club and serves on the Board of Directors of the Denby Home for Children and the Altruss Club. Other memberships include the National Political Congress of Black Women, The Metro Region Business Alliance Advisory Board, and the Metro Growth & Developmental Corporation.
Mayor Scott is the mother of two children and attends Russell Street Baptist Church as one of its most busiest, dedicated and distinguished members. The influence of God and the Church is clearly visible in the conduct of her affairs of public office.

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Dr. Emmalee Ruth Barber Shaw was born in Rock Hill, South Carolina to Rev, and Mrs. L. R. Barber. She is the wife of Deacon Lemas Shaw and the mother of seven children.
Her educational credits include Friendship Baptist College, A.A. and B.A; Wayne State University; Urban Bible Institute. Doctorate (LHD); Detroit Bible College, Diploma; Central Miss. University, Doctorate (LLD).
Dr. Shaw has served as President Emeritus of the Woman’s Auxiliary of the Fellowship District Association; President of the Woman's Auxiliary of the Baptist Missionary and Educational State Convention of Michigan (BM&E); Member of the Board of Directors of National Baptist Convention. USA, Woman’s Convention; Life Member of the NAACP; and a member of the advisory board of the J. Allen Caldwell Baptist School.
Currently, Dr. Shaw remains active as the Director of the Mission Dept. of Burnette Baptist Church; member of the Church Women United, United Sisterhood of Wolverine Convention Seminar Organizer and Instructor; Bambi Lake Retreat Leader and Planner; and Delegate to the North American Baptist Woman Union and the World Baptist Alliance. Most of all, Dr. Shaw is a dedicated and faithful Christian who really loves the Lord.


Rhonda Welburn, President of Welburn Buick in Royal Oak, is the first Black woman in the history of General Motors to own and operate a Buick dealership.
A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Welburn is a cum laude graduate of Howard University, in Washington, D.C., with a major in Math and a minor in Business Administration. She has over 12 years of experience with General Motors ranging from computer graphics program analysis to finance management. Welburn was the only woman in a class of eleven to graduate from the GM Dealer Development Academy in 1985. After graduating from the University of Detroit with a Masters Degree in Business Administration, Welburn returned to General Motors where she specialized in the compilation and analysis of North American budgets for the world’s largest corporation. In 1983 Welburn managed the data processing and financial controls for the newly formed GM Dealer Equipment operation. She resigned from GM in 1985 to enter the automaker’s Dealer Development Academy.

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Bettye Wright specializes in Orthopedics with a surgical and mental health nursing background. Alter graduating from Maryrove College Physician Assistant
Program, she did three preceptorships at Detroit Receiving Hospital, Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital and Henry Ford Hospital. Currently. Bettye is the assistant to Dale V. Hoekstra, M.D.. Director of the Spinal Deformity Center at Henry Ford Hospital and the
Consultant for the Spinal Screening Programs in Wayne and Livingston Counties.
Mrs. Wright was instrumental in introducing the Spinal Screening program to the Detroit Public School system. She is co—producer of the film Spinal Screening’ which
received the Cine Award from President Reagan in 1982.
Bettye is the mother of three children and is an active member of Tabernacle Baptist Church.