Little Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage Awards

Description: Program for the Golden Heritage Award Luncheon with bios of the awardees included.
Date: October 10, 1987
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Little Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage Awards
Little Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage Awards
Little Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage AwardsLittle Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage Awards
Little Rock Baptist Church: 1987 Golden Heritage Awards
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From Our Pastor
The grace of God
Will never lead you
Where the will of God
Cannot keep you!

One of the most rewarding and pleasurable experiences that a Pastor can have is the nurturing of his parishioners, like a proud parent, which produces an enhancement of strength and viable religious goals and objectives.
On this, the occasion of your 5th Annual Golden Heritage Luncheon, I SALIJTE you for your perseverance, singleness of purpose, and commitment in setting aside a time to recognize, honor and applaud the work, dedication and adherence to principles of not only our distinguished Awardees, but also the Women of Little Rock Baptist Church.
Positive growth is evident as you, each year, present to the Church and the community, public ceremonies of respect, honor, religious and spiritual expressions. I commend each of you for all you have done and pledge my continued support.
With warm regards,

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An Inspirational Message of Love & Appreciation from the General Chairlady MARY THRASHER

Greetings and a Warm Welcome to each of You!
As we look at the continued accomplishments of the Women of Little Rock as they relate to this our 5th Annual Golden Heritage Luncheon, we point with pride to the concentrated efforts and overall dedication of the total membership of our Great Church. We, the members of the Committee, could not do it alone.
We face today, a breakdown in morality; apathy on the part of our youth and young adults; complexities of internal and external problems; and have, in many cases, allowed the means by which we live to out distance the ends for which we live. The richer we have become materially, the poorer we have become morally and spiritually. We must ‘secure tomorrow’ but we must also ‘live the dream’. We cannot give up. We will continue to be caring, courageous and spiritually filled. We should strive for solutions to problems and not be part of the problem. We have been endowed with a rich heritage of unswerving faith and it is with this legacy that we will enhance our religious commitment. As we look for ways to improve the quality of life in our community; strengthen the family structure; stimulate the minds of youth and young adults, we must also create an atmosphere in which all women are able to bring about meaningful changes in their public and private lives.
We ‘SALUTE’ our distinguished awardees. Women who have worked passionately and tirelessly to bridge the gulf between scientific and moral progress. Women who offer positive models to other women, young and old. Women who have shared, and continue to share their skills and knowledge individually and collectively. Each of you have realized countless goals and objectives through your efforts and hard work. To this end, we extend our sincere Congratulations, Special Thanks and Appreciation to this wonderful Committee who continue, year after year, to make this day, truly one of greatness, joy, and a ‘Catalyst for Excellence’.

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A Message of Appreciation from Elaine Hearns, Luncheon Chairlady

With images of admiration, I applaud the superior accomplishments of our 1987 Golden Heritage Honorees. They are living portraits of women reflecting varied interests and oft—ignored contributions, yet have personally mobilized mental, physical, and spiritual forces to reach the pinnacle of community service. May the beautiful hues of a blessed rainbow inspire you to continue to color your lives with courage, fortitude, faith, and love.
In appreciation, I humbly acknowledge the talent and generosity of the ‘Architect’ of the Women’s Division, Mary Thrasher, who with a ‘practiced eye has created special effects of cooperation and support for this Luncheon. Her natural endowment of artistic aptitude fills our world with stylish elegance.
Glittering prisms radiate the picture of our Pastor as he stimulates confidence and encouragement for our work as ‘Christian Women Walking in the Path of Righteousness’. We are indeed grateful, Dr. Holley, that the Christ that is within you, has prevailed.
With mighty strokes, the Women’s Day Committee has blended together a pattern for the successful caricature of this luncheon, as once again, their unique dedication and commitment is a pivotal impression of endurance and unqualifying support. My sincere appreciation is extended to each of your tremendous enthusiasm,
Life is so beautiful and so are all of you. May this be the first step in all life has to offer by continuing to acknowledge and reaffirm the ideals and goals of Christ.

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RUBY JONES—ANDERSON is Director of Small Business Development at the Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce. She was formerly employed at the Bank of Common,ea1th as Branch Manager and Loan Officer, and Vice President and Branch Manager for 1st Independence National Bank.
Mrs. Anderson currently develops programs which offer networking opportunities that are especially helpful to small businesses. ‘After Business, Ours’ is strictly networking, once a month. The Entrepreneurship Exchange Conference is an annual two day event to identify and encourage new business starts and expansion of business. There is a Trade and Procurement Fair that provides small business ners an opportunity to meet other business vners, and a Business Advisory Resource Bank gives small business owners the opportunity to speak with business consultants free of charge. Monthly seminars target the concerns of small business people and market data and research keeps one aware ‘of changes in the local economy.
Her community interests include Most Worthy Grand Matron of Crescent Queen Court Daughter of Sphinx. Past Matron of Abigail Chapter O.E.S., Past Matron of Inez Morgan Amaranth Court, Member of Lady Camille Daughter of Elks. Past President of National Black Women Leadership Caucus, and Member of Michigan Minority Business Development Council to name a few.


ROSALIND ELAINE GRIFFIN. M.D. specializes in general psychiatry forensic, adult and adolescent psychotherapies, A Detroit native, Dr. Griffin earned a Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Medicine from Wayne State University.
She is currently a psychiatric resident at Sinai Hospital of Detroit, and served as chief resident from 1980—81. Dr. Griffin is also a staff psychiatrist and assistant to the Director of Residency for the Detroit Psychiatric Institute. Additionally, she serves as a clinical instructor for the Wayne State University School of Medicine.
Dr. Griffin is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law, and many more.
Dr. Griffin is a member of Hartford Avenue Baptist Church. Dr. Charles Adams is her Pastor.

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POLLY JOHNSON takes pride in performing the little things for people beyond the call of duty. She also has that powerful magnetic personality that draws people to her with their problems and everyday cares. She assists them and dismisses the extra burdens as if she is truly glad to help.
Mrs. Johnson’s main objective in life is to help contribute the dollars that help find a cure for cancer in her lifetime. Mrs. Johnson has worked very hard for the American Cancer Society since 1970, having served on the local branch board, the Wayne County board and the National board.
She is a 42 year member of Second Baptist Church in Detroit and served on the Advisory Board, Council for Youth Choir and co—chaired the Anniversary Committee, Women’s Day Committee to name a few.
Polly is a powerhouse of life, energy and vitality and has confirmed by words as well as by examples, her love for her fellow man.


SISTER LOTTIE RICHMOND joined Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church in August of 1942. During her 45 year membership, she has served the Church in various capacities including Church Secretary. Sunday School Teacher, President of the Nurse’s Guild, Supervisor of the Young People’s Group, and Announcing Clerk.
Sister Richmond was born in Tarry, Arkansas and was baptized by Reverend Greene, Pastor of the Bethlehem Baptist Church.
Her life is guided by her faith in God, her love and sacrifice for her family, and her strong commitment to Pastor Holley and the Little Rock Church Family. ‘Miss Lottie’, as she is fondly known, is a strong pillar in the foundation of our Church, and is loved for her extraordinary sense of humor and her willingness to share knowledge and experience with the younger generation.

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M. SUSAN WATSON has been a columnist for the Detroit Free Press since 1983. While at the Free Press. Ms. Watson’s articles have been highly informative and have dealt with individuals and events that generate a positive influence on our community.
She attended the University of Michigan Honors College and earned a B.A. in journalism and completed her graduate education at Howard University.
During her journalistic career, Ms. Watson was a reporter and city editor for the Detroit Free Press and a speech writer for U.S. Senator Philip A. Hart.
She is a member of the Detroit Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists. Her numerous awards include the Detroit Bar Association Liberty Bell Award, National Academy of Arts & Sciences/Detroit Chapter — Emmy for commentary on Detroit Black Journal, United Press International First Place News Columns 1985 and 1986. and many, many more.

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CHIEF JUSTICE DOROTHY COMSTOCK RILEY has been a member of the judicial community for many years. She graduated from Wayne State University and Wayne State Law School with honors.
During her career, she served as an attorney for the Wayne County Friend of the Court; Judge. Wayne County Circuit Court. and Judge, Michigan Court of Appeals.
In 1985, Judge Riley served as Justice for the Michigan Supreme Court and was elevated to Chief Justice for 1987 thru 1989. She was appointed Supervising Supreme Court Justice for the Probate Court Task Force Committee on the Role of Delivery of Services to Children and Families.
Chief Justice Riley is a member of many professional organizations and has received numerous awards for her judicial excellence.


BEVERLY A. THOMAS is principal of Renaissance High School in Detroit. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Wayne State University and a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Michigan.
Prior to becoming principal at Renaissance, she was department head of the Fine Arts and Foreign Language Departments at Mumford High School. Her other administrative positions include assistant principal, Osborn High School and Director, School—Community Relations, Region Five, Detroit Public School.
Mrs. Thomas is a member of many community and professional organizations, honor societies and sororities. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and is a member of the National Association of Secondary School Principals and the Organization of School and Supervisors. She recently served on the Superintendent’s Special Task Force to explore choices in public education.
She is married to the Rev. Dr. Robert Thomas, Jr., Pastor of Ebenezer A.M.E. Church in Detroit and serves as Minister of Music and Director of the Youth and Chancel choirs.