Little Rock Baptist Church: Adult Choir's First Annual Musical

Subjects: Music
Description: Program for the first Annual Concert of the Adult Choir in the theme of "Lift The Name of Jesus High".
Date: November 29, 1992
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Lift The Name of Jesus HighLift The Name of Jesus HighLift The Name of Jesus HighLift The Name of Jesus High
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Congratulations and thanks are in order to Dr. George West and the Adult Choir for the time, effort, and personal sacrifice that went into making the First Annual Musical a grand success...
In like manner the Adult Choir of the Little Rock Baptist Church under the direction of the exceptional talented and spiritual, George West, offers unparalleled praise to the Lord; This has greatly contributed to the quality of worship throughout the church. ‘
Listen to the singers, as you do you will sense that they are singing, and praying to the Lord of this world and to, the Lord of their lives.

Psalms 108 1-3
O God, my heart is fixed; I, will sing and give praise, even with my glory. Awake, psalters and harp; I, myself will a wake early. I will praise thee, O Lord among the people: and I will sing praises unto thee among the

History of the Adult Choir.
The Adult Choir was organized the first week in July 1991, by Pastor Holley. Under the guidance of Pastor Holley the. members of the Chancel Choir and some of the members of the Angelic Choir was combined, and the new Adult Choir was formed.. At that time the following offers were appointed by ‘our pastor.
Mrs. Sylvester Maiden ‘ president
Mrs. Osceola Oliver ‘‘ vice president.
Mrs.. Legirthia Jones Executive Director ‘ ‘ ‘This year the choir has really grown stronger, lifting their voices to God. Through it all, we can truly say “we are trusting in the Lord and depending upon his word” Through many dangers trails and snares we have already come, but we have decided that we will” keep praising God, for he is worthy to be praised. We will keep singing, and singing , and singing, unto our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ

To the Little Rock Adult Choir thank you for the efforts you have put forth in making this affair a success. Thank You.
To The entire Church family for your special presence and cooperation. Thank you.
To the almighty God, who by his guiding hand and never failing love has allowed us to attain plateaus which before seemed impossible.’ ‘We know and understand that without his help we can do nothing. We thank you.


ANN McCLUNG BENJAMIN & Frances Witherspoon
Program Chairperson

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The Adult Choir Roster

Wardell Bell
Arlene Kelly
Carlotta Crumpton
Jennie McCullough
Barbara Early
Estelle Mills (ill)
Elaine Easton
Francine Montgomery
Barbara Evan, treasury
Osceola Oliver, vice pres.
Joanne Givens
Janie Ribinson
Glenda Johnson
Josie Walker
Frances Witherspoon

Mattie Chambers
Gloris Chapman
Betty Davis-Churn
Queen Daniely
Fannie Farrell
Delores Hinton
Roz Holt
Willella Johnson
Annie Jones
Rebecca Tyus
Margie Jones (ill)
Agenia Lee
Barbara Murry
Marva Potter
Selvester Maiden, Pres.
Delores Ridgeway
Irma Roquemore
Joann E. Rowels
Michele Rowland, Rec. Sect.
Ruthie Thomas
Legirthia Jones, Excutive Dir.
Elsie Wilson Chaplin

Ann mcClung Benjamin
Larry Churn
Susie Hart
Roy Larkins
Ruben R. Smith
Osker Ward
Carolyn Watson (leave)
Reggie Rowels

Joseph J. Welch, director