Joseph Welch In Concert

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Description: Souvenir booklet for a concert performance by patron Joseph Welch.
Date: October 16, 1988
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Joseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In Concert
Joseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In Concert
Joseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In Concert
Joseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In ConcertJoseph Welch In Concert
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From The Pastor's Pen

This evening marks the beginning of a new tradition far the Music Department of the Little Rock Baptist Church. And Joseph Welch. Articulate, Meticulous. Optimistic Child of the King, Choir Director and Leader, is a wise choice when one strives for success.
Joseph, as your Pastor, I am truly blest to have you as a member of the Little Rock Congregation and Music Staff Perhaps the thing I admire the most is that you are above mediocrity, and as far as you are concerned complacency does nor exist. You catch on to the visions and accept the challenges they create. You always respond to the needs of your church, and I am deep/v appreciative of that fact.

It is my deepest and earnest prayer that God will continue to bless you, your lovely wife, Cynthia, and your two sons, Severance and Stefen.

Congratulations on a job well done.

Rev. Jim Holley, Ph.D.

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When I think of Music, I think of Joseph Welch, Soloist and Choir Director.

When I think of Dynamic Leadership, I think of Joseph Welch. He is among The Greatest.

When I think of Perseverance, I think of Joseph Welch. He never gives up.

When I think of Success, I think of Joseph Welch. This young man is truly blest by God who has bestowed upon him numerous talents and gifts.

Thank you for saying YES!

Joseph, you are a blessing to the Music Department, and I thank and praise God that His Sovereign Will caused our paths to cross.

Cheryl Merchant


Marvin Pillow, Chairperson

Mary Lindsey, Chairperson

Frank Collins, Chairperson

Barbara Evans, Chairperson

Mottle Chambers, Chairperson

Delores Hinton, Chairperson

Ann Flow, Chairperson - Usher Board #1
Odessa Pitts - Usher Board #2
James Ella Irvin - Angelic Usher Board
Lola Moore - Youth Usher Board

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Joseph Welch started his musical career,. at the age of eight. He was discovered by his3rd grade music teacher, Doris Tarver. She quickly saw an opportunity to cultivate a God given talent. The next three years brought about a development of a beautiful boy soprano who’s range topped all other sopranos at the Trowbridge Elementary School in Detroit. Michigan. During that same period of time. Joseph’s interest in singing and music increased and he became a member of the New Grace Missionary Baptist Church, under the pastorage of Rev. Robert E. Eddinglon. Sr. There, he immediate/j joined the Junior Choir under the instructions of Jacqueline Allen. At New Grace, Joseph was surrounded by many talents such as Alice Allen, Robert Tillman, Robert Stephens, Arthur Fowler, and others all contributing to the nurturing talents of such a receptive pupil.

Continuing on through junior high at Garfield and Spain Schools, Joseph continued pursuing his interest in vocal music studying with Mrs. Dansby. Where others were developing their interest in the Motown sound, Joseph was busy studying the classicals. During this time, the voice that was known to be very beautiful was changing due to adolescence. This became a frustrating period and his voice had to be carefully watched and cultivated (fit was to go on as an instrument of God. Joseph‘s interest widened taking on popular and show tune music with the newly developed voice which was unique from all others around him. Now, a Highland Park High School student, Joseph had an opportunity to study with Keith Sturdivant and John Cole. Both instructors contributed to the maturing of this voice you have heard throughout his adult years.

The interest of gospel music has always been a great part of his life, for Joseph has always known that his gift was from God. Singing God’s praises under the direction of Minister Donald Vails and the Choraleers, Dr. George West, Roscoe Corner and Cheryl Merchant, Joseph has had many opportunities to sing throughout the nation. Joseph’s voice, because of extensive training and interest in classical music, has never fitted in quite well with the free expressions of emotionalism in gospel music, so another talent emerged and was cultivated by Dr. George West. The directing style that Joseph has developed is due to many directors who have influenced him, but the one who made the greatest impact upon him was his very first church choir instructor, Jacqueline Allen when she would direct the Yew Grace Mass Choirs in the rendition of “Grace”

Having directed church choirs since the age of seventeen and hating been a member of the New Grace Baptist Church for twenty-three years, Joseph moved his membership to the Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church in 1980, under the pastorage of Rev. Dr. Jim Holley’,Joseph is forever grateful to Pastor Holley for allowing him to continue his interests and talents at the rock.
Joseph has been employed uitb Ameritech Publishing, Inc. for seventeen years and currently holds a position of Sales Manager.

Having been happily married for fourteen years to Cynthia he is the father of two handsome sons, Severence, ten years of age, and Stefen, six years of age. He feels his greatest accomplishment is being able to share the love and devotion for Christ witb his family

To God he the glory for the things he has done
Mr. Welch’s Tuxedo furnished by FRANK’S FORMAL WEAR of Lathrup Village and Sterling Heights, Michigan
Mr. Welch’s Robe furnished by ANITA EDGE of Detroit and Southfield Michigan
Floral Arch furnished by BRYON’S FLORIST of Highland Park. Michigan
Flowers furnished by ALL FLORISTS, INC. of Southfield, Michigan
Mr. Welch’s hairstyle by SIR HAROW’S of Detroit. Michigan