Little Rock Baptist Church: The Golden Voice Choir In Concert 1976

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Description: Program for the Golden Voice Choir concert held on February 27, 1976.
Date: February 27, 1976
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Little Rock Baptist Church: The Golden Voice Choir In Concert 1976Little Rock Baptist Church: The Golden Voice Choir In Concert 1976Little Rock Baptist Church: The Golden Voice Choir In Concert 1976Little Rock Baptist Church: The Golden Voice Choir In Concert 1976
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Mrs. Daisy Walker
Mrs. Dorcella Staples
Mrs. Ann Flow & Usher Board No.2

Linda Jefferies
Mr. ed. Smith

Thanks to Mr. Norwood Johnson and Members of the Esquire Chorale for transporting the organ.

As Minister of Music, I would like to express my sincere thanks and deep gratitude to the entire Music Department, for their splendid cooperation and participation in this effort.


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On behalf of the Golden Voice Choir, I would like to Thank you for your efforts, and your Services. If it were not for people like yourselves, this Concert would not have been successful.

I would like to extend my many thanks and appreciation to the golden Voices for allowing me to be President of such a wonderful team, for we know that through the grace of God, our efforts will not be in vain. By helping one another, we can all build great things for the glorification of God.

Thank you:
Rev. Melvin Porties


The golden Voice Choir wishes to thank Mrs. Bernice Tucker, for her wonderful performances as narrator. May god bless, and ever keep you.

The Golden Voice Choir


To the members of the Little Rock Baptist Church, visitors and friends; we would like to thank you for coming out and making this Concert a success.

We would liek to express our gratitude to the Golden Voice Choir for making this occasion possible. The feeling we have for you cannot be measured, for it was your contribution that determined the success of this program.

We are not sent into this world to do anything into which we cannot put out whole heart. We have certain things to do for our bread, and that is to be done heartily; neither is it to be done by halves or shifts, but with a will, and what is not worth this effort is not to be done at all.

So let us give to the world the very best that we have, and the best will come back to us.

Respectfully Submitted;
Rev. Jim Holley, Pastor

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Wanda Baker
Sheila Bellamy
Marsha Buford
Ester Bush
Carlotta Crumpton
Eunice Echols
Barbara Edwards
Mattie harrell
Laura Harris
Kathryn Horne
Ann Johnson
JoAnna Jones
Grace King
Virginia Little
Cornelia Marshall
Ernestine Porties
Minnie Porties
Sylvia Porties
Linda Robertson
Mattie Tucker
Beverly Williams
Karen Williams

Patricia Bentley
Flarzell Boatright
Sandra Cohen
Mae Collions
Sherryl Daniel
Denise Dotson
Sherryl Dotson
Charlene Edwards
Gloria Hall
Pamela Hill
Lynda Jefferson
Vanessa Martin
Margret Patton
Anita Porties
Debra Porties
Lucille Rowser
Rosetta Sewell
Vickie Shivers
Maggie Stallworth
Rosie Mae Steele
Emma Stone
Naomi Thomas
Debra Williams
Jacquelyn Williams

Larry Buford
Steven Buford
Arthur Clark
Eugene Davis
Hardy Easton, Jr.
Norwood Johnson
Charles King
Harry Lee
Willie Matthews
Isiah Matlock
Tony Pace
Rev. Melvin Porties
Sampson Staples, Jr.
Allen Tucker
Kenneth Williams
Fredrick Williamson

Rev. Melvin Porties - President
Cornelia Marshall - 1st Vice President
Virginia Little - 2nd Vice President
Sherryl Dotson - Recording Secretary
Gloria Hall - Financial Secretary
Flarzell Boatright - Treasurer
Willie Matthews - Chaplain