Little Rock Baptist Church: 3rd Annual Concert of The Angelic Choir

Subjects: Music
Description: Program for the Angelic Choir concert in 1976. The angelic Choir performed songs such as America the Beautiful, What a Mighty God we Serve, In the Garden, and This Land Is Your Land; along with a piano solo by Reginald Brown.
Date: July 18, 1976
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Original Format: Special Event Program
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Little Rock Baptist Church: 3rd Annual Convert of The Angelic ChoirLittle Rock Baptist Church: 3rd Annual Convert of The Angelic Choir
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Angelic Choir

Vanda Pugh
Helena Pugh
Felicia Crumpton
Stephania Crumpton
Sanga Rogers
Theresa Walters
Lee Walker
Jessie Tunstail
Derrick Pickens
Dwayne Johnson
Theresa Johnson
Reginald Brown
Tanya Pope
Trina Miller
Tracy Mobley
Saughn Ponkard
Zena Gregory
Shenita Gregory
Kiersten Lloyd
Heather Lloyd

"Words of Thanks"
Our thanks to all of you who have made this program a success.

Angelic Choir

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The Gospel In Miniature : John 3:16

God: The greatest lover.
So loved: The greatest degree.
The World: The greatest company.
That he gave: The greatest act.
His only begotten Son: The greatest gift.
That whosoever: The greatest opportunity.
Believeth: The greatest simplicity.
In Him: The greatest attraction.
Should not perish: The greatest promise.
But: The greatest difference.
Have: The greatest certainty.
Everlasting Life: The greatest possession.