Little Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church Program

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Description: Program for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Historic Little Rock Baptist Church. Included is a summary of the churches history, list of special events, and a message from the pastor, Rev. Jim Holley.
Date: March 5, 2006
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Little Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church ProgramLittle Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church ProgramLittle Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church ProgramLittle Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church ProgramLittle Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church Program
Little Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church ProgramLittle Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church ProgramLittle Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church ProgramLittle Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church ProgramLittle Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church Program
Little Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church ProgramLittle Rock Baptist Church: 70th Anniversary Church Program
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The Historic Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church History

The history of Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church is preserved with the hope of inspiring our present and future congregations during this new millennium. It is our prayer that they will protect the ideals and dreams of those who labored for so long enduring many hardships while working in this area of our Lord's vineyard. Certainly, God has been our shield and strength. He has guided us with his counsel; blessed us by his providence and inspired us by his spirit.

The Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church was established in April 1936, under the pastorate of Rev. Robert E. Tate. At that time, there was a small but faithful band of six worshipers who all attended worship services regularly in the home of Brother and Sister Hooks at 1314 E. Willis Street in Detroit. (There were in addition to Brother and Sister Hooks, Brother and Sister Ernest Robinson, Mother Della Brown and Mother Gaillard). In this small but adequate Christian home, the Word of God provided the light to guide their path and the love to inspire fellowship. The membership steadily increased and recognizing the need for a larger church home, the congregation moved to a new building at 3734 Russell Street. Rev. Tate continued to pastor until his death on July 17, 1953.

On February 15, 1954, the Rev. Theodore R. Provost was installed as the new pastor, and under his leadership the church relocated to 7639 Mack Avenue. Rev. Provost remained with the church until 1959, when he was called to pastor in San Francisco, CA. During the next decade, the church experience several changes in leadership, beginning with Rev. Walter L. La Beaux, of San Antonio, TX, who pastored from June 1960 to 1962. Rev. John Bussell was called to pastor on April 10, 1963 and through many hardships and sacrifices led the congregation until July 1967. On March 20, 1968, the call was extended to Rev. Clarence L. Townsell, and under his pastorate, the congregation relocated to 4903 Maxwell Street. He continued his good works until December 22, 1971.

On June 9, 1972, Rev. Jim Holley, our present pastor, was elected to become our Shepard. He came with a mission of saving souls and spreading the good news and many souls were saved The congregation grew until soon it was evident that even renovation and expansion were not enough for the rapid growht of the congregation. On August 13, 1978, the Little Rock Baptist Church relocated to our present home, at 9000 Woodward Avenue, where our church's membership continues to multiply and prosper.

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Message from Our Senior Pastor

Hallelujah and To God Be the Glory!

To Our Church Family:
The Lord has blessed Historic Little Rock Baptist Church with 70 glorious and fruitful years in history! We give all honor and glory to God as we celebrate this milestone. The annual church anniversary always encourages us to look closely at ourselves and reflect on our legacy. We look back at miraculous past of decades of service and commitment to the Word of God. We also look to the future and the promised grace, mercy, and favor for ourselves those who obediently trust and love the Lord. It is also important for us to examine ourselves in the present, this very moment, and to accept the challenge to "Stir Up The Gifts" that God has given us. By reflecting on our past and rekindling the flame of our calling and salvation, we can be prepared to accept everything the Lord has in store for our church, for those who love Him, for those who are called according to His purposes.

To Our Special Guests:
I truly appreciate your support of our ministry and count your presence on this special occasion as an authentic display of genuine Christian fellowship and friendship.

To The Anniversary Committee:
Your commitment to making this 70th Church Anniversary a time of great joy is evident in your results. I am grateful for your diligence, energy, and excitement for one of the most important seasons of the year.

Beloved, let us all use this observance as a catalyst to refuel our zest for the Lord's work, to renew our commitment to Jesus, and to revive our hunger for the Word of God. I pray that this occasion will inspire every believer to "Stir Up the Gift of God" and fan into the flames a powerful Christian walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Because of Calvary,

Jim Holley

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Recognition of Membership Awards

The 70th Anniversary Committee recognized the following persons who have been members of "The Rock" for 50 years or more:

Ruth Tate Bailey
Daughter of the Founding Pastor - 70 years
Mary Robinson - 66 years
Ann Flow - 64 years
Winnie Pullom - 64 years
Elisha Hill - 61 years
Osceola Oliver - 61 years
Vivian Slater - 60 years
Geneva Hart - 56 years
Emeral Crosby - 54 years
Bertha McCann - 54 years
Ulysses Boatwright - 53 years
Ruby Walker - 50 years

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Message Fro Our Church Anniversary Chairperson

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

It's been 70 years! Look around and see what the Lord has wrought! Today we, of the Historic Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church, celebrate a tremendous milestone, rich history, and the promise of a bright future. God has showered us with immense favor. He's kept the hedge of protection ever around us. As we remember the cherished deeds of the past, let us not lose sight of the brilliant vision that is yet before us. It is a vision that will require us to stir up the gifts and talent God has given to each of us. It is a vision that will take all of us, working together empowered by the Holy Spirit, to bring fruition.

I was again excited and honored when asked a second time to chair such an important event. I am always grateful for every opportunity to serve God and my beloved church family. It is with this sense of gratitude that I first thank Pastor Holley for his continued confidence in my ability to lead such an important part of this year's annual activities. second I am grateful to this outstanding committee for putting words into action and making this a very pleasurable project. Third. I must thank the many members and friends of this church for joining in this celebration and giving us abundant support. I would be remiss if I didn't say "Welcome Home" to those who were once members and have returned to give thanks for this sacred landmark of their faith journey.

Final and most important, I thank God for all He had done. I thank Him for divine inspiration that never fails. I am indebted to the Holy spirit for challenging me to "Stir Up the Gifts" that lie within me.

To God Be the Glory!
James Ella Irvin

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70th Church Anniversary Committee

Reverend Jim Holley, Ph.D., Senior Pastor
Reverend James Hilliard, Co-Pastor

General Chairperson: Sister James Ella Irvin
Co-Chairperson: Trustee Wanda M. Stallworth
Church Historian: Trustee Silvio Benvenuti
Program Committee: Sister Carolyn Jackson, Trustee Sandra Jackson
Hospitality Committee: Sister Elaine Golbert, Sister Valera Wright, Sister Traci Clark, Sister Tanish Irvin
Finance Committee: Trustee Calandra Jackson, Trustee Sandra Jackson, Trustee Wanda Stallworth
Catering Committee: Brother & Sister C.C. & Rhonda Williams, Little Rock Prison Ministry
Music Ministry: Kevin Dunnigan - Minister of Music, Brother Joseph Welch, Sister Saretta Carter

Pastor Jim Holley and the 70th Church Anniversary Committee would like to express our sincere appreciation for your contribution to this wonderful and historic celebration. May the Lord continue to bless you and His love be with you always.

To God be the Glory!